Tips in Hiring a Party Entertainer

Birthday parties are huge these days, but it is still challenging to find the right birthday party entertainer or special theme parties. With the right information, you can be your party planner. I will give you some birthday party ideas, children’s party ideas, and event animators. This will help you get an excellent idea for your party.
To help ensure that the children get the most out of the show, there are some things you should consider when planning the party.

1. Get the show right.

Have the show start at least 30 minutes after the party begins or any time after that. This allows for late arrivals and children to settle in. If the show is set up near the beginning of the party, be sure to inform the other parents, so they make the extra effort to arrive on time.

2. Choose the best place for the show.

Ask the performer if he or she has any space requirements for the show. That way you can choose the best place for the show, and move any furniture that might get in the way. You may even want to decorate the backdrop a bit. Not only will this make the show more colorful, but it will also make the pictures you take very eye-catching!

3. Minimize distractions.

No matter how good the performance you have booked for the party, the children will be children, and their attention can easily be diverted. That’s why I usually suggest that the children sit on the floor. Chairs and couches are great, but if there isn’t enough room for everyone, the atmosphere can fall like a rock before the show starts. Then, all it takes is for one child to “steal” someone’s place so that a little chaos ensues during the show. Planning to have them sit on the floor is usually the best way to avoid all that.

4. Leave snacks and drinks until after the show.

When there is the food during the show, the drinks will spill out and be a disaster. You will also find those little things like running out of chips and getting popcorn in front of others can lead to big distractions. Most importantly, the magicians and clowns will make the children laugh out loud, making any food a choking hazard.

5. Let the artist handle the audience (with a few exceptions)

Parents often ask me how they should handle the occasional “problem child. The answer is usually “nothing.” Especially during magic shows, some children yell things out during the act. To the magicians, these things would be like “It’s in your sleeve!” and the musicians will sometimes hear, “Oh, I don’t like this song! In these cases, an experienced performer will be able to handle it.

When it is good to get involved, there is a continuous interruption, when a child actively disturbs the other children, or when a hand is stretched out to grab the artist’s props. I have found that these situations very rarely occur. Still, in these cases, you will want to intervene, as it would only not be appropriate for the artist to suddenly take on an authority figure’s role. Even if they did, it would undoubtedly damage the flow of their act.

6. Handling parents.

Speaking of interruptions, one of the most common ones that child entertainers tend to find does not come from the children. It happens when other parents stay at the party; let’s face it, they’re out and about and excited to be sociable! It’s good to remind other parents before and often during that even the quietest talk can be distracting to the children and the performer. You hired a great artist, so invite the parents to sit down and enjoy.

7. Contact the artist in advance.

Remember, too, that all artists and performances are different. Ask when booking the event if they have other restrictions to consider or if they feel any of the above points do not apply to their event. Any experienced artist will know exactly what kind of advice to give so you can end up with the best show possible.

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