Top Balloon Décor Trends For 2021 (Part 2)

Today it is necessary to learn to decorate with balloons originally and strikingly. The holidays are no longer just a reason for reunion and joy. They are also the perfect time to showcase our manual skills, creativity, and personal style. Birthday parties and celebrations in general almost always have several decorative elements, including balloons. Formerly, they were placed to give much more color to the environment, fill the spaces, and give a much more sumptuous and fun appearance. Over time, balloons have become accessories for parties of all kinds. Therefore, there is a wide variety of models and also designs. Here are some of the most fabulous ideas for you to decorate your celebrations with balloons. We assure you that the details will not go unnoticed, and more than one will want to be photographed with this beautiful background decoration. If you have not yet read the first part of this blog, check it out now and discover the complete list of balloon types for your special events!



The metallic balloons of letters and numbers mini are ideal for decorating whatever you want … from a gift, photocall, a cake or even to use it assigns on your party tables.



Gender Reveal & Baby Shower Balloons San Antonio, TX | San Antonio Balloon  Decor

Are you pregnant and want to share the gender of your new baby with your friends and family? This is the best and most creative way to do it. Fill it with Helium or hang it from the ceiling and pop it when the time is right. They will all fall pink or blue confetti according to the gender you chose to celebrate the new baby’s arrival. These GENDER REVEAL latex balloons are of the highest quality, and our confetti mixes are custom and carefully assembled. These balloons come as a DIY Kit (do it yourself) and include a pack of each confetti in pink and blue. Also, we can personalize it with the message you want for an unforgettable memory, making it look spectacular because it is a BLACK balloon.



pretty girl tone balloon garland with curtain | Birthday balloon decorations,  Balloon decorations party, Diy birthday decorations

These balloons can differentiate between a simple, pretty party and a SPECTACULAR one; they are gorgeous. You can decorate the Giant Latex Balloon yourself by making a garland of tails out of china paper, crepe, or aluminum foil if you want them to have a more modern touch. Even if you choose a transparent balloon, you can place confetti inside according to the color palette of your party, and it will look simply spectacular. They are ideal for welcoming your party, decorating a Photocall at your event, taking as a gift to a friend’s party, or spicing up a corner at your own party. This balloon is always a guaranteed hit! LEKANI 136 Pieces Balloon Garland Kit Balloon Arch Garland for  Wedding Birthday Party Decorations(Pink Gray): Home & Kitchen

Now we give you a tip that we’re pretty sure no one ever told you about these beautiful giant balloons. Ideally, your giant balloon should be inflated with Helium to make it fly, but the difficulty of this balloon is its size (80 cm in diameter at least). If you add the weight of the tail (tassels), it is necessary to fill it. With a good amount of this magical GAS, you can find disposable helium tanks on the market. Still, they are costly, around $ 1000 MXP, and you will practically need a medium disposable Helium cylinder per balloon! Do the math! We recommend that you go to a specialized party store that works with professional Helium and ask them to inflate your Giant Balloon and fill it with HIGH FLOAT Gel.

Make a DIY Balloon Garland in Under an Hour | Better Homes & Gardens

Choose a smooth, transparent latex balloon and fill it with colored tissue paper confetti inside; you will see that the effect is total! And if you want, even more, personalize it with the celebrant number, it will simply be WOW! If you want the confetti to stay on the walls of your balloon, you need to rub it several times. Due to the effect of static electricity, you will make the colored tissue paper confetti stick to your balloon.


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