Top Tips For Halloween Decorations – Part 2

In this article, we will follow up on our last Halloween decoration guide by turning the inside of your home into the fiendish hall of horrors that will ensure a shrieking good time for you and your ghoulish guests. Read on, if you dare…

Halloween-ready Furniture

There are several small but effective tricks you can use to give your home the perfect eerie atmosphere for Halloween. Why not try some of these creepy suggestions:

Cover your couches and chairs with old white sheets. Try to use the oldest ones you have lying around to give your home that abandoned look. If you’re feeling particularly creative, look up a few tutorials on how to fray and make natural looking holes in the sheets.

Drape cobwebs over your table and bookshelves. If you have some spooky books to display on your bookshelves or leave lying around on the tables, all the better. We recommend the works of Edgar Allen Poe, but your old Goosebumps books will be as effective.

Scatter some fake skulls or jokeshop spiders and other plastic creepy-crawlies to spice up drab pieces of furniture, and just drop them on the floor for added effect. Just make sure none of your guests are suffer from severe arachnophobia to avoid ruining the party vibe.

Get the Lighting Right

Getting the lighting right is essential in setting the ambiance for your event. Make sure everything is dim, which means swapping out your bright LED lights for something much dimmer, like electric candles if you have children around, or you can go for the real thing if it’s just the grown-ups that are attending.

To create the perfect Halloween candles, grab a few fairly large white candles and place them on a towel or white cloth. Light a red candle over each one, and let the red wax drip over the white candle. You know have yourself some bloody candles, and as a bonus, a ‘blood’stained towel or cloth you can use for further decoration.

Time for Jack to take Center Stage

What would Halloween be without the obligatory pumpkins? Make sure the star of the show is present without going overboard. Wondering how you can do that? We’ve got you covered like a mummy…

Jack O’Lantern Balloons – you don’t need to find inflatable jack o’lanterns for this. Simply grab a pack of orange balloons and draw some scary faces on them with a Sharpie. You can even turn this into a party game for your little monsters.

Halloween Punch – There are several recipes online for special pumpkin punch. Why not give one a try?

Candy Holders – you can find plenty of plastic pumpkin candy holders in your local dollar stores. Grab a few to hold party snacks for your guests.

Other Gruesome Decorations

Want to try a few other decorative ideas? Why not have a few mad scientist specimen jars dotted around the room? To create these on a budget, simply take some big glass jars, fill them with water, and throw in a drops of green dye until water is a nice, gross green hue. Fill the jars with any old unidentifiable items, like an old doll’s arm, a child’s toy from ten years ago, or any other random knick knacks that have been floating around your house for years. Put the jars on display in your kitchen under some lights or in another part of your home where they can be prominently displayed.

There are many more weird and wonderful ideas you can try out to make your home the creepiest on the block. If you have any suggestions of your own, why not share them in the comments below? All that’s left now is to wish you a spooky Halloween and practice our skeleton dance moves.

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