Useful Tips to Make Your Pool Party Memorable

If you are craving for an event during summer, a day at the pool is always a good idea to spend some fun and unforgettable moments. Obviously, we are not talking about the municipal swimming pool, but about a private swimming pool.

It is an opportunity to enjoy the sun, friends or family in a unique summer picture. Feet in the water, an ice cream or a fruit skewer
in your hands and the sun that warms and caresses the skin …

12 Ultimate Fun Splashing Summer Pool Party Ideas

Are you wondering how to dress for a pool party? Easy! In a bathing suit, hat and flip-flops and that’s it. Nothing complicated awaits you!

For that type of event though, you will have to reflect a bit more on the atmosphere and decoration you want to create for your pool party … You can choose a theme or simply select a series of essential accessories to decorate your location in a unique way. In this article, we give you some ideas on how you can make your pool party a real success.

Inflatable Accessories for the Party
Inflatable accessories are perfect for decorating and having fun in the pool … Enough with the classic donuts or with the old mattresses! Opt for a lovely inflatable flamingo (ideal if you have chosen to be inspired by a flamingo party), for an exotic
touch or choose a trendy inflatable cactus or the famous Baywatch-style life jacket, to joke and have fun with your friends.

These accessories will also be very useful for taking magnificent photos: there are different shapes and sizes on the internet. You can find the most suitable accessories for a spectacular pool party on the theme chosen for your party!

Combining Useful and Fun
When you are at a pool party, you can have fun with almost nothing! However, inflatable accessories are ideal for bringing a sparkling and funny touch to your day. In fact, you can organize activities such as a challenge with lightsabers or normal inflatable swords … It will be a lot of fun to see some friends challenge each other with absolutely harmless weapons.

Food Ideas for Your Pool Party
As for food, we leave you can choose anything you want, but we have some ideas that can help … Why not organize a barbecue? Everyone will appreciate the idea and be satisfied with the food there because they do not like a bbq. Fish, meat, vegetables: everything can be grilled!

Something trendy is to serve fresh and colorful cocktails, especially when it’s hot. For a beautiful presentation, do not hesitate to serve the cocktails in a Mason jar with colored straws: the result is extraordinary! A little trick for cocktails: in a bowl, put raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries and pour some lemonade … You will create a kind of punch, to be served with a spoon. It will be a super delicious drink!

Awesome Pool party food ideas - YouTube

When it’s hot, fruit is indispensable! Chop some seasonal fruit like watermelon, kiwi, and pineapple and serve this fruit salad in small cups with a spoon. You can also serve fruit in the form of skewers, very convenient for enjoying it even by the pool.

And since fruit doesn’t hurt, you can continue to “drink” it thanks to a delicious strawberry smoothie or vanilla ice cream. Just pour some soda into a glass and dip a scoop of vanilla ice cream: in short, to be consumed without moderation!

Of course, don’t forget to prepare a playlist to bring good music to the pool too. Because without music, it’s not the same … And so you’ve thought of everything!

Now you know all about how to organize a nice pool party, so you can freely get started! If you have any more tips don’t forget to share them with us in the comments below.

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