Bachelorette Party – How to Dress Up As A Bag?

Our friends and sisters’ weddings are moments that we live as our own and that fill us with happiness, in which we celebrate love and the new path that our friend begins. But before you start your new married life, we cannot forget to organize the best bachelorette party and enjoy yourself in the company of your friends. Bachelorette parties are moments of great bonding between friends and a source of a lot of stress due to not knowing what to do or how to prepare it. With this in mind, we’ve put together the best ideas for bachelorette parties, fun and suitable for different budgets and personalities. This time we propose an amusing and original look with which to dress up on any occasion. We were inspired by Chanel’s homemade bag costume, hermés and other equally exclusive and divine brands of death. It is perfect for a bachelorette party, carnival, or costume party where you want to surprise with your new acquisition. So, how to get the look?



sara bag 1

In true Lady Gaga style! We think that the bride at her farewell cannot wear something discreet in how to dress up. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a whale of a time making up and dressing up the protagonist of the day.

  1. Cover the eyebrows with gold makeup.
  2. Outline the upper and lower part of the eye with black.
  3. Do the same on the lip, leaving the lower lip unfilled.
  4. Paint the region that you have not covered with gold makeup.
  5. Apply these fabulous lashes below.
  6. And these others lace up for a spectacular result.
  7. As a final touch, draw some seams with black eyeliner for a ragdoll effect.

ssara bag 8

And you’re ready to be the most elegant and sophisticated bag of the whole party! The Must-Have of this striking makeup is the false eyelashes and the gold paint. Applying them can cost a bit, but with patience and some tricks you will find in youtube tutorials, everything is possible!

eyelashes lace


The Costume


To complete the look, you can not leave the most important thing, the costume! You can opt for the outfit below, all in red or black, or you can choose any other colours you like the most.


Homemade Bag Costume – DIY

girl costume bag

You can also make your homemade bag costume, like this child. With cardboard, fabric and some details of the bag you have chosen, you will have your accessory. In this case, it is ideal for the little ones because it is long and can be worn as a dress.




You can wear over-the-knee stockings and long leather-look gloves that are very sexy, just like in the picture. Being a costume that you can wear as if it were a dress, you can wear, if you prefer, some basic black stockings with which you will be very comfortable. Also, what will give a different touch and complete transformation is the wig. In this case, we have chosen this blonde wig with very glam pink highlights.


The Star Touch


As we said, we have a surprise! A proper bachelor party requires a cheerleader. Is there anything better than that sexy dancer being the future boyfriend? Yes, there is! that on top of it is pregnant, the best disguise in the world to hide the belly.


Let the Party Begins

In this case, we’ve rescued these costume ideas for your friend’s or family’s farewell party before their passage through the altar. There are many sites where activities are organized, but few include costumes. That is why we give you these ideas so that you can choose the most fun one.


The Final Look



This is the final look! You can take inspiration from this costume and create it with your own style or choose from these fun bachelorette party costumes.


Enjoy the party!


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