Event Trends For 2021

Like every other year, 2021 also holds a lot of news for the event world. Some trends continue; others are entirely new. Developments in the market are pretty fast, and we’re happy to give you an update with ten event trends for 2021. Let’s begin!

1) Sustainability On a Plate

Even when it comes to catering, we’re paying more attention to what’s on our plates (reusable!). More and more people are opting for vegetarian or vegan options. Caterers are consciously looking for local and seasonal products. People are also more cautious about what they are consuming. Spontaneous consideration for food-related allergies and intolerances among your attendees will likely increase positive word of mouth around your event. Hence, make sure you provide gluten- and lactose-free options available as standard; it will be a plus for your event!

2) Be the Game Changer

Gamification is also becoming increasingly important in the event world. Customers and employees like to be challenged. In this trend, you apply gaming techniques in non-gaming environments. A bingo during your meetings, a quiz during your conference, a savings promotion to win during your festival, and other similar games. In this way, you will keep your guests entertained and awaken the competitive spirit in everyone.

3) Hyper-personal Communication

From general push messages to the public to customized pull communications, almost all invitees search for the correct information via smartphones nowadays. They simply have to download an event app with an interactive map and program overview and indicate that they want to receive messages about their interests. As you learn about personal preferences, this trend allows you to track your attendees’ behavior and interests.

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4) Living Coral

Living Coral is the trend color of 2021. This vibrant orange-pink coral shade with golden undertones is bright, sunny, and luminous. The cozy, spirited, playful, and optimistic color instantly makes you happy. So, let Living Coral pop up in your event design – think invitations, furniture, flowers, etc.- for an ultra-hip and trendy event.

5) Inside vs. Outside

Surprise your guests at your event by maximizing the integration of flowers, plants, trees, and leaves in your event space. In 2021, we see combinations of grasses and cereals gaining popularity in event styling. Bring nature indoors with trendy pampas grass, which creates a natural and relaxed atmosphere, thanks to its fluffy texture and light shades.

6) Go Green!

Gone are the days when environmental awareness was less of a priority in your event planning. Consumers are also concerned about the environment and their carbon footprint. It’s best to think about good waste garbage cans, implement waste separation, use reusable bags for goodie bags, look for alternative energy sources, minimize water waste, and so on.

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7) The New Reality

Integrations around AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and the social channels of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook (Stories) have already made their way into events and will continue to grow in importance. The virtual and real worlds are merging more and more. Ensure you provide the necessary technical facilities at your events, such as charging stations and a maximum accessible WIFI connection.

8) Interaction Between Attendees

An overall experience for your event? Focus on interaction between attendees. By focusing on interaction, you’ll increase your guests’ emotional involvement and stimulate the networking effect between attendees. With lots of fun concepts like photobooths, cooking or DJ workshops, racing games, quizzes, and others, your guests will quickly get their money’s worth.

9) Make Your Light Shine

2021 is all about lighting. Think of atmospheric concepts like colorful dance floors that react to your guests’ movements, garlands that turn your tent into a fairy tale, hanging fairy lights in trees, candle holders on walkways, etc. All of these are trends that will put your event in the spotlight.

Do you know about any other trends for this year? Share it with us in the comments below!


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