Fabulous Ideas to Decorate Your Event with Garlands of Light Bulbs

A party is like a painting; without the right frame, it goes without pain or glory. Therefore, if you want to give your event a special touch with a vintage decoration and make it memorable, there is nothing better than garlands of light bulbs. A unique wedding, an original restaurant, or outdoor terrace, any place is a good one to create a special atmosphere with these lightings, especially on summer nights.


In addition, its installation is very easy and you can do it in a thousand different ways. Below, we list some ideas to decorate with garlands of light bulbs. Keep reading.



First of all, we have to remember that the garlands of light bulbs are an electrical device, so you will have to hang them carefully, paying attention that the cable is not too tight. Because of this, we always advise attaching the garland to a wire or nylon cord. Especially if the suspended section exceeds 3 meters.


To hold them you can use zip ties that you can buy at any hardware store. There are so many ways to hang them that you will be surprised! Here are some examples:


Garland of LED bulbs in V to Decorate a Terrace

It is very easy to install and suitable for any space since it is enough to have a pole or a column that serves to hold it. With two garlands it will be enough to create a special atmosphere around a table. If you have more than two garlands, you can create a starry sky as if it were the angle of a circus tent.


The pole that we advise you to use to hold the garlands must carry the weight, so make sure that it is well fixed to support the weight.


Zigzag or W garlands of Light Bulbs over the Table

This solution is perfect if you want to decorate a large space. It is possible to install it with a single luminous garland or with many joined at the ends. Create a luminous awning in any environment to give an intimate and cozy atmosphere to the tables.

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You can, for instance, use the trunks of trees if you are in the middle of nature to create a perfect solution for its simplicity, harmony, and efficiency. But remember that if the logs used are not strong enough, they can move with the wind, thus affecting the garlands. For this reason, after the event, remove the garlands so that they are not damaged by traction.


Parallel Light Bulb Garlands Hung from the Ceiling

Whenever you can hang the garlands directly from the ceiling, leaving a distance of 50 centimeters between line and line to obtain a good result without being too exaggerated. With this type of decoration, you can make that corner that you had neglected on your terrace stand out and complement the rest with a charming atmosphere. Your guests will be delighted with the change.


This installation is straightforward if you pre-create the base with the nylon cord or wire.


Garland of Vintage Light Bulbs Forming a Square

Hang the garlands of light bulbs to surround the perimeter of the area you want to decorate. This type of garland is not only an element of decoration but will also help you create different environments by limiting the space between one and the other.

Dance floor of a wedding bounded by garlands of light bulbs

They will look great on a terrace or in the garden and perfect to mark the dance floor at the wedding or the place of a romantic dinner.


Online LED Filament Light Bulb Garlands

Another option is to create a single line of bulbs on one side of the deck or a gazebo in the garden. It will be effortless, and success will be assured. You will have a very original and bright backdrop for an outdoor dinner.

It is so easy that in this case, it will be enough to fix the garland at the ends and in the center with a cable tie or other similar element.

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