How to Forget Your Ex and Throw a Breakup Party?

A breakup is not simple and never fun (even if you really wanted it to happen). However, instead of snuggling up to a bottle of wine in your bathrobe, why don’t you use it as a catalyst to create a better life? So, if you want to wash away the grief and move on, here are some excellent ideas to help you throw a life-changing breakup party!

#1. Invite Good Friends

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I recommend you not to miss any of your supportive friends. It is essential to invite them as they can create an empowering environment, boost the glory of your party and, most importantly, your self-confidence. You need a strong team around you who can be genuinely happy and excited for you to start your next chapter and that team can consist of your close work colleagues, old school friends and even your mom or sister.

However, make sure you don’t invite anyone who is too cynical.

#2. Clear the Neggy Clutter

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So, what do you think you should do if they want to forget your past toxic relationship and move on? You take down all the pictures of The Ex Who Shall Not Be Named!

But, of course, instead of doing it alone while singing a bazillion sad songs and drowning yourself in misery like a certain Devdas of lore, I suggest you try the “Jab We Met” approach with all your friends at the party. All you have to do is to set fire to all the pictures of your ex and then flush it down, you know where. Believe me, this method is more cathartic than any of the other traditional ones and you and your friends will have a great time “flushing” your ex.

#3. Plan Some Fun and Great Activities

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A cheeky way to bring some humor to the situation is by incorporating funny games and activities into the party.

  • Watch empowering movies: Rather than watching some romantic and cheesy movies that will make you feel lonely, I suggest you to go for those movies with strong and kick-ass female leads such as Underworld, Kill Bill, Resident Evil, Charlie’s Angels and so on. Moreover, you can also choose to watch some good old classics or just hilarious animated movies.
  • Play pin the tail on your ex: So, all you will need for this game is a double-sided taper, a blindfold, a cut-out donkey tail and a blow-up picture of your ex. This is one of the games where you can vent your hatred on your ex. Once you have hung the picture up on the wall, have your friends put on the blindfold one by one and try to pin the tail of the donkey on the face of your ex.
  • Who do voodoo: Now, this is a creative activity where you will need clay or play-dough. Once all the guests have some of the clay or play dough, ask them to join you in making the replica of their ex. Once everyone is done in making their voodoo dolls, do something to them, such as bend its arm backward or put its foot in its mouth. My dear friend, you can even go classic and try to use straight pins. Trust me, this will give you a lot of satisfaction!

#4. Put On Some Loud Music

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Music can heal almost anything and I mean it. So, if you want relief from your mental agony, go for some loud and uplifting songs that you know. Instead of sad songs that will make you feel miserable, try some motivating, energetic songs or some dance beats that can make you feel happy or dance instantly like Beyonce and Michael Jackson’s hits.

#5. Party Food

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For me, the ideal party food in a breakup party is chocolate, chocolate and chocolate (and, I still don’t understand why people need to wait for “someone special” to give them chocolates on Valentine’s Day to enjoy these delicacies)

As this is your breakup party, make sure the party menu consists mainly of your favorite food.

Will you throw up that breakup party with these tips? Please share your comments!



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