Code Red: How to Have a Period Party?

If your daughter just got her first period, then don’t forget to say “Congratulations” or “Welcome to the sisterhood.” I believe this is a huge milestone that cannot pass unmarked and you need to honor this rite of passage. How? By organizing a period party, of course!

Red Decorations

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Now, I don’t think I need to tell you why exactly the decorations need to be red as I am sure you already know why. Now, you can either go all red or choose to add a hint of white and black. For the red decorations, you can add red hanging paper fans, red lanterns, red tinsel backgrounds, red streamers, red garlands, red teal light candles and of course red banners, which consist of: “Welcome to the Red Tent Party.” However, you can customize what you to include in the party banners. The last time I went to a Full moon party, I was totally surprised by the message on the banner: “Blood! Yah! My daughter’s an adult finally!”

But wait there, I think I forgot to mention red balloons. What’s a party without balloons, right? But, I would suggest you to use red LED light balloons. These balloons have LED lights attached on the inside and these can take your party’s decoration to another level.

Red Food

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It is obvious that only red foods are served at a period party. So, below you will find some tasty red foods that can be served at any Full moon party:

  • Pasta with marinara sauce: The marinara sauce is a tomato-based sauce with garlic, herbs, and onions that are perfect to top your favorite pasta.
  • Red fruit platter: With many red fruits such as strawberries, red apples, watermelons and cherries, you can easily create a red fruit platter or red fruit salad.
  • Tasty bruschetta with lots of tomato toppings can be served.
  • Hot sauce with corn chips makes a great snack.
  • You can also prepare a pizza with lots of tomatoes, peppers and pepperoni.
  • And, that’s my all-time favorite party food. Some juicy and delicious red BBQ meat such as steak or sausages. These can be served with some hot or tomato sauce or a salad of fresh bell peppers and cherry tomatoes (hmm…just thinking about it makes my mouth water)

Now, we come to the sweet dishes, which should also be red:

  • A red cake: Now, when it comes to the cake, which is generally considered as the hero of all parties, you can either choose a simple red velvet cake with a “Congrats on your period” or if you think it won’t bother your guests or your daughter, just choose a vagina or tampon cake. For example, it can be a white frosting cake with some blood red and a tampon string hanging out of it.
  • Red velvet cupcakes would be just perfect.
  • A strawberry cheesecake is not a bad idea either.
  • Some like to go simple, with ice cream and strawberry topping and red jelly.
  • And how about some red macarons and a tower of donuts with red icing?

Red Party Drinks

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Even though it is a party, the drinks for adults and kids should be separated. For instance, for adults, I recommend simply some nice red wine or a Cosmopolitan cocktail or even a strawberry capricosa. Also, you can serve sangria or a red punch with many red fruits.

Now, for kids, I suggest you to make some color-changing drink. The steps are pretty simple. All you need to do is to hide a few drops of red food coloring at the bottom of their glasses, then add lots of ice so as they don’t see the red color. And, once you have added lemonade or sparkling water, the drink will “magically” change to a red-colored one.

Period Party Playlist

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Even for a period party, you have to make sure you have the right tunes:

  •            Red, Red Wineby UB40
  •            Redby Taylor Swift
  •            Edge of Seventeenby Stevie Nicks
  •            Fifteenby Taylor Swift
  •            Sixteen Going on Seventeenfrom The Sound of Music
  •            Girls Just Want to Have Funby Cyndi Lauper
  •            Bleeding Loveby Leona Lewis
  •            Here it Goes Againby OK Go
  •            Red Tideby Neko Case

Period Party Games

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  • Pass the parcel game. Oh, sorry, did I say parcel, I meant to pass the period pad.
  • What’s the time of the month Mr. Wolf? (except that here we know what time of the month we are referring to)
  • Kids can also play stuck in the mud, or shall I say stuck in the blood?
  • Mensturation Bingo: It is when you create bingo boards with squares that say “uterus”, “ovaries,” or “estrogen,” and so on.

Will you do the same for your daughter? Please share your comments!



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