5 Birthday Celebration Ideas for Your Furry Friend

Your dog is a real family member, and you want to throw a proper birthday party for your furry friend? Small or big doggies, they are everything to us! Hence, celebrating their birthday should be an integral part of the family as well. For those who wish to do more for their doggie’s birthday, here are some ideas to help organize a fantastic one!

1) Planning the Birthday

To begin with, it’s your dog’s birthday, but let’s be honest, he isn’t aware of it. So use this pretext to have a party and invite your friends! If your pet is friendly, he or she will adore the extra attention on that day. Be it friends, family members, neighbours, you can also allow their pet to join in the party. While you’re enjoying a good chat with your guests, your four-legged companion will be happy to play with the other doggies or get cuddled by all those who love animals.

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2) The Decoration

That’ s right, sometimes just one dog is sufficient to turn your apartment upside down, so imagine what can happen when organizing your pet’s birthday party and all of his little friends come mingle! This is why you must provide a small space for all these furballs to have fun together. The ideal place to organize your party is in your garden if you have one. Otherwise, try to arrange your living room by removing fragile objects. Clearing some space will allow the pets and kids to play without breaking any valuable thing. As for the decorations, there’s no need to make a big fuss about celebrating your dog’s birthday! You can hang a few balloons with one indicating his age and some that come in funny shapes.

3) The Birthday Cake

A delicious cake is a must for any birthday celebration, so start heating your oven to bake one!
If you are unaware of it, sugar is not suitable for dogs’ health, and it is unacceptable to make something that would ruin the occasion by making your dog sick! Here are some recipes specially adapted for dogs that you may use to make a yummy cake for your furry friend. Watch out about the quantity as well. A dog’s stomach is fragile, and too much cake or a sudden change in eating habits can upset his stomach. Don’t forget about your guests! For them, you can order a birthday cake with a printed photo of your dog. Nothing could be simpler and more enjoyable at the same time!

4) Wrap Your Dog’s Birthday Presents Well

One thing all dogs are fond of from their first days is destruction! However, they are always told to behave about it. For his birthday, you can make an effort. Get him a bone, a new noisy toy, a soft cushion, or any other gift he would love and wrap the presents as much as possible. Use lots of paper, strings, boxes, and let your dog have fun unwrapping and discovering his surprises.

5) Games to Organize

You can plan a treasure hunt for your dog and his friends by hiding little treats around the garden and let them look for it. Other ideas can include a dog show where you can surprise your guests by showing them all the tricks you’ve taught your dog while he proudly performs in front of his friends. To make it more fun, you can reward him for each trick he performs correctly.

After a day like this one, you can be sure that your little companion will be the happiest of dogs!

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