Tips in Decorating for a Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving is coming up and it’s a time to celebrate family, friends and food. It’s the perfect time to start planning your menu and preparing your dining room for the biggest holiday of the year. Don’t panic yet. There’s plenty of time. If you look around your house and wonder how to prepare Thanksgiving, you’re not alone in feeling this way. Many of us are overworked and don’t have the time to create a decorator-style home for Thanksgiving. Fortunately, a few quick decorating tips will help you make your home warm and welcoming for Thanksgiving. You can decide whether you want to host a formal or informal dinner, or opt for a bright color palette, or if you prefer the holiday season. If you’re hosting a family style dinner, serve your dishes with trendy kitchen utensils, so even the presentation of your menu serves as a table setting.

Whatever your style, here are a few tips to help you create a chic table setting.

Remember that uniqueness can make Thanksgiving decorations less expensive or affordable. Here are our seven inexpensive Thanksgiving decorating ideas to help you.

1. Fill your home with colors that symbolize Thanksgiving: orange, red, green, brown and amber. These colors may need to be more special in your living room, where you entertain visitors. You can use these colors for the fabric of your centerpiece, table, placemats, sofa and pillow, among others.

2. Lighting is an important part of creating a Thanksgiving atmosphere in your home. Light your home with candles that reflect the colors of gold, red, yellow and brown. Place them prominently on tables around the house.

3. Flowers are also a symbol of Thanksgiving. Consider filling your home with flowers. You may choose to pick up dried leaves that have fallen in your area and try to make a unique decoration out of them.

4. Try creating a decoration from a pumpkin. The most obvious is to put a face on a pumpkin. Make two designs and place them on the family dining table and on the centerpiece table in the living room.

5. A house celebrating Thanksgiving won’t be complete without a Thanksgiving wreath, so make at least one. Place it on your doorstep to greet people who come to your home. It will bring warmth to your visitors.

6. Fill the center of your family table with a basket of fruits and vegetables.

7. Display your family photos in the living room. But don’t forget to use your creativity to create a photo exhibit with a Thanksgiving theme. This type of decoration will attract the attention of your visitors.

8. Less is more. Try to take a minimalist approach when decorating with large, colorful flowers. Odd numbers are more eye-catching.

9. Candlelight decoration creates an intimate dining table set. You can choose large candleholders or tealights, but never add too many to your table. You can mix and match colors and heights for the best result. It’s wise to choose unscented candles that won’t interfere with the aroma of your food.

With these Thanksgiving decorating ideas, you’ll spend less than you think. Significantly, you’ll also bring out the artist in you. You may find that you have the qualifications to become an artist.

10. Adaptable Decor. Use the same tablecloths, dining center pieces, candles and other accessories for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Use trims, ribbons, and a few other differently colored items to change the decor from a fall Thanksgiving theme to a wintry Christmas one. For example, you could use orange and dark brown ribbons to decorate the table cloth for Thanksgiving and use red and silver to entirely change the look for Christmas.

Follow these tips, and you are now ready to get people into your home, and your visitors will feel the Thanksgiving spirit as you start decorating your home. Ask your husband and children or friends and siblings (if you’re not married yet) for help to make the decorating task more enjoyable.

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