6 Decoration Ideas for Easter

Easter is approaching and the time has come to start decorating the house, so as to make the atmosphere even more fun and festive.  There are several original and simple ideas that you can make at home with your own hands, perhaps with your children to obtain incredible results. Easter trees, decorated eggs, themed garlands, colorful centerpieces: here are the most imaginative jobs for the Easter period.


  1. Easter Tree

A tradition that comes from Northern Europe is the Easter tree   symbol of prosperity, an idea to decorate the house for the Easter holidays. We are talking about a decoration widely used in Scandinavia but which for some years has also been made in Italy. A sort of Christmas tree revisited for Easter: to make it you need peach or cherry branches, preferably with the flower, to be placed inside a tall and deep vase, using a sponge to keep them in place. The tree can then be decorated as you like: decorated eggs, chicks, chocolate eggs, homemade biscuits, but also personalized greeting cards to give to guests.

  1. Garlands to Hang on the Door or in the House

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To decorate our home for Easter we can make Easter wreaths to hang on the front door but also to decorate the house to embellish shelves and sideboards. You can use polystyrene eggs, choosing spring colors to paint them such as yellow, orange, green, to brighten the environment and make it welcoming for guests. Color and decorate your eggs as you like, once they are dry add them together with the wire, add the decorations you prefer: colored threads or flexible twigs to tie with a long ribbon to which you can then add some leaves of paper to attach with a little glue. Complete the wreath by hanging it with colored ribbon.

  1. Chicks with Eggshells

Among the decorations that children will also like are the Egg chickens, the chicks in the eggshell, which you can put on the entrance furniture, in the kitchens. You can also make the nest using streamers and Christmas tree threads, the important thing is to create a soft base, preferably colored, in the shape of a nest on which to place the chicks with the eggshells. You can enrich the decoration with colored eggs to offer to guests.

  1. Colored and Decorated Eggs

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Colored eggs are an Easter tradition in several European countries, usually they are prepared together with children in Holy Week to be then given to their families as a symbol of rebirth. The colored eggsthey can be made using natural dyes, such as beetroot for blue, saffron for yellow, spinach for green.

To make them, prepare a sort of broth with a little water and a couple of cups of the chosen ingredient. Boil for 30 minutes, let it cool and then put the eggs in the colored water, leaving them for 30 minutes: the more time passes the more intense the color will be. For only decorative eggs you can also use watercolors by decorating them with customized shapes and designs. You can then hang them to decorate the entrance or the windows, or use them for the Easter table, perhaps to create place cards with the guest’s name written on them.

  1. Branches for Bright Decorations

To create a simple but effective composition, you can use simple medium-length branches to insert in a large vase, and then decorate them as you like by simply adding colored feathers, or embellishing them with flowers or ribbons with which to form small bows. An idea could also be to add a colored note to each branch fixed with small clothespins, to be given to guests at the end of the day.

  1. Easter Candles

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If you love making DIY candles, you can make them to decorate your home for Easter. Just use some eggs to empty and then fill them with wax. You can leave them natural, or liven them up by making shells of different colors that you can also use as original Easter place cards.

To make them, wash and clean eggshells by removing the inner membrane, add a wick and melt a candle inside the shell. If you want to color the shells, fill a bowl with warm water, add a little vinegar and a few drops of food coloring. Soak the shells for 10 minutes and then let it dry before inserting the wax.


Do you have any other decoration ideas for Easter that you would like to share? Remember to leave them in the comments below.

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