9 Tips for Organizing a Memorable Staff Party

A staff party is often the best way to strengthen the bond between your employees and maintain their commitment to the company. At tactical moments, you want to thank your staff for the work done, the goals achieved, or the hard work of the previous period. Here are some tips to help you organize an event they won’t ever forget!

1) Define Your Goal

There are several reasons to organize a staff party. Maybe your company has reached recent goals, you’re celebrating an anniversary, or you’re starting the new year. Whatever the reasons, the objectives of your event also determine the content of your staff party. Sometimes, you will offer speakers, presentations, or other lectures. You are more likely to look for appropriate entertainment, music, or a good DJ in other cases.

2) Determine Your Budget

In this phase, determine the budget you have in mind for your staff party. Depending on the number of employees, this is an essential factor. The budget serves as a guide for planning the staff party. As soon as you have clear objectives and a set budget, you can sit down at the drawing board.

3) Set the Date

Once the budget is set, find the ideal date for your staff party, depending on the objectives. In some cases, such as anniversaries, goals achieved, or the annual New Year’s party, the date speaks for itself. In other cases, you choose when you want the staff party to be held.

4)  Design Your Concept or Hire an Event Planner

Often, the internal communication or HR team is in charge of organizing the staff party. Of course, you can also put together your team composed of employees from different departments. A third option is to put the event in the hands of an experienced event planner. Whoever is responsible for organizing the staff party, inform him or her clearly about your objectives, the available budget, and the chosen date. From this information, the organizers can come up with a fun concept.

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5) Choose the Venue

Can the staff party be held in your company, or should you look for a lovely event location or a tent? Depending on the concept, the number of guests, and the budget, choose a place with the necessary facilities, such as presentation material, dance floor, DJ set, etc.

6) Send Your Invitation

The organization of a staff party involves a very special dynamic. Since the whole event is organized from the inside, you can also use internal online and offline communication tools. Use bulletin boards, stick posters, personalize mousepads, or use post-its. Call your department heads, publish an article in the staff magazine, distribute information via the intranet, announcements, or TV screens, send an email. These will make your next event the talk of the day!

7) Look for Suppliers

In this phase, you give a concrete interpretation of your concept. Are you planning a large dinner for your staff? Then look for a suitable caterer. Are you working on a specific theme for your anniversary? Then turn to rental companies for the necessary decorating materials. Also, consider a light and sound supplier, not least to provide your perfect presentation.

8) Provide the Necessary Entertainment

Are you inviting speakers to your staff party? Then write to them in advance about the course and content of the event. In all other cases, look for suitable animations, musicians, or a fun activity that fits your staff party’s concept.

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9) Provide a Nice Souvenir

End a fantastic staff party with a nice souvenir. How about, for example, a nice photo booth or other thank you note. Give your employees something as a gift so they will never forget your staff party.


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