Keys to a Dream Ibiza Party (Part 2)

Summer is coming, and together with the desire to go out and share time with friends and family. The rhythms slow down, and we live longer at night than during the day. We meet more often and organize parties that serve as an excuse to meet all together. And if there is a quintessential summer party, that is the Ibiza party. If this time you are the one in charge (or volunteer) of organizing the event, surprise everyone with a party loaded with a lot of Ibiza style and full of magic to travel in an instant to the Pitiusan islands. Let’s see how to organize it step by step. If you haven’t read the first part of this article, check it out now!


What Is the Ibizan Style?

Ibiza is one of the best-known Spanish islands mentioned the most, especially in the summertime. It is famous for its spectacular beaches and coves and the many celebrities who enjoy their vacations there and attend the countless parties that take place. They celebrate each day. The white colour is the evident hallmark of this style: both in decoration and the clothes and practically any other party element. Especially in summer, if there is a party theme that triumphs, it is undoubtedly the Ibizan.


The Magic of Lights

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It is essential to create the most suitable environment for this type of party, whether day or night, where artificial lighting will play a crucial role. Ideally, the party should be outdoors to take advantage of natural light, if it is during the day, or place several beautiful lighting points at night. Use the lights to illuminate and create different environments within the same space; for example, the food area, the dance area, the relaxation area, different types of lighting will help you give the most appropriate touch to each area.

To organize an Ibizan party, it is important to have good ambient lighting that recreates the festive and summer atmosphere typical of the island. The candle holders or torches on the ground will be used to mark a path or delimit a certain space, and it is recommended that they be LED so as not to use fire and thus avoid the risk of something or someone burning. Garlands or lanterns are also excellent options… Garlands of lights adorned with white lanterns will bring that vintage party touch from the 70s. If you do not have a plug to connect the garland, you can opt for a solar garland or white battery-operated lanterns.



Low armchairs are ideal, especially if they are in white or wicker, a material that fits perfectly with this style.


Dance Nonstop

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There is no party in which music is lacking, an essential element in our daily lives and much more when there is something to celebrate. The choice of music is essential when organizing a party. What makes the desire to party invades our body, gets us to relax and let ourselves go to enjoy that unique moment to the fullest. For an Ibizan party, nothing better than welcoming everyone with chill-out melodies perfect for breaking the ice, having a bite to eat and chatting a bit. This compilation from Café del Mar is excellent if the party starts at sunset. As the party progresses, other genres and songs can be included to start dancing or create the atmosphere that interests you the most at all times. If you have a mini-DJ inside you, this is the time to bring it out. If not, on YouTube or Spotify, you can find ready-made lists.


Photo Booths and Photocalls

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At an Ibizan party, not only can the characteristic white colour of the most paradisiacal islands of our country be missing, but you should also be dressed in a boho-chic style along with straw hats and the best white clothes. A photo booth will be more than necessary to make your parties memorable. Remembering your great Ibiza party, whether in your home with a garden or a place with all the decoration of tissue paper or wooden box, will undoubtedly be one of your best successes. You will have a more than elegant memory!


An Ibizan party can be the best way to create anniversaries, festivities, children’s parties, Baby Shower and even the most fantastic birthday parties. So, are you ready to party?



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