Best Ideas for Throwing an Outstanding Retirement Party

Retirement is a huge milestone and a great way to celebrate the retiree’s accomplishments. It also marks the time for people to travel to places they have always wanted to visit. However, before riding off into the sunset without a care in the world, you should think about how to celebrate your retirement party.

Retirement Party Invitations: Who To Invite?

Unique Retirement Gift Ideas - Gift Registries and MoreA retirement party can either be hosted by the retiree’s family or by the company and work colleagues. However, this is an event where you should mix the retiree’s family members and friends with work colleagues. And, if it’s possible, I also recommend that you invite associates from past positions and people that the guest of honor will be spending time with in the future.

Retirement Party Theme

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There are no particular etiquette rules to choose a retirement party theme but there are certain factors that you will need to consider such as:

  • Should the party be hosted during the day or night?
  • Will the season affect anything? For example, I don’t think it is a good idea to host a backyard barbecue party in the middle of winter.
  • The guest list can also influence the choice of party theme. For example, if you invite people from your office, I don’t think that a Mickey Mouse themed-party would be appropriate (except if you are a die-hard Disney fan).
  • You can also consider the retiree’s hobbies and interests. For instance, if the favorite sport of the guest of honor is golf, why not organize a golf-themed party?
  • What about the location? Where do you think you can hold a party where your guests are dressed up in their bathing suits or Hawaiian shirts and where you can drink a beer or nice margarita while soaking up the sun? On the beach of course. And, I love a beach theme party like Mr. Bean loves his teddy.

So, now that we have discussed about the different factors you should consider, let’s take a look at some party theme ideas:

  • A decade party is a great way to base a party’s theme on the decade on which the retiree was born. For instance, if you organize a groovy 70s-themed party, you need to set up a dance competition with a disco ball. Other requirements are neon balloons, brightly colored tablecloths and partyware and bellbottoms and big collars for the attire.
  • If you choose a golf-themed party, roll out a green carpet and get your guest to dress up in old-fashioned golfing clothes like khaki knickers and Gatsby hats. And don’t forget to set up a miniature golf tournament with a special prize for the winner.
  • What about a gone fishing theme party? Serenity and peace on open water! Aqua, green and brown are the colors that can be combined to create a terrific fishing theme party.

Retirement Speech

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Honestly, I have a particular dislike for speeches, but most traditional retirement parties require a speech to honor the retiree’s contributions. Normally, the person who organized the party is the one to give the speech but you can also ask the employers, employees, friends or family members to say something.

Retirement speeches usually should highlight all the accomplishments and narrate the history of the career of the retiree, but if you don’t want people yawning, then I suggest you to add some humor and recount some funny moments.

Commemorate the Retiree

Glasses, Drink, Alcohol, Cocktail, CelebrationBesides from giving a retirement speech, there are other ways to celebrate the retiree such as:

  • An autograph book: You can place a blank book at the entrance of the party and as each guest enters, he or she can write something about the guest of honor.
  • Video Interviews: You can ask someone to videotape each guest’s remembrances of the accomplishments of the retiree.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: Even though I consider this as a too formal and boring party idea, it is up to you if you want to create a PowerPoint presentation based on the retiree’s career path and display it throughout the party.
  • Costume: Some believe that each person has a unique dressing style and hence what’s a better idea than having all your guests dress like the retiree. For example, let’s say the guest of honor is a former member of the police force, so it can be a touching tribute if all the guests wore a police uniform.


Will you consider these tips for your retirement party? Please share your comments!



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