6 Things to Consider for Table Decorations

Decorating the table is an essential step for any occasion and should by no means be underestimated. Properly arranged tables can be a real feast for the eyes! Besides, proper table decoration is one of the deciding factors that determine whether the guests will feel comfortable at the party or not. We’ve rounded up the 6 most important things you should consider and great ideas for decorating the tables at your events!

1) The Table Decoration Should Be Based on the Occasion

The appropriate table decoration should be based on the occasion. For each event, the crockery and cutlery that are appropriate for the occasion should be chosen. For instance, at a wedding that calls for finer crockery and cutlery, there should also be a fine tablecloth of linen, half-linen, or damask.

A fine tablecloth will create a festive atmosphere when dining. For larger groups, it is also recommended to put moltons under the tablecloth. Moltons are table mats that protect the table and prevent the tablecloth from slipping. For rustic table settings, a cotton tablecloth should be placed on the table. Placemats or place settings are more for private use and should be omitted from table decorations on formal occasions.

2) Colors for Successful Table Decoration

When choosing colors for table decorations, proper care should be taken to ensure that no more than two to three colors are selected. The choice of main colors is based primarily on the color of the tablecloth. Using two to three colors will ensure that the entire decoration does not look too monotonous. In addition, a table where several colors have been used for decoration is felt to be too colorful and restless.

The most popular colors when it comes to table decorations are:

-Classic white
-Natural tones of green: emerald green, sage.
-Shades of pink: Old Pink, Blushrosa, Dusty Pink
-Dark red: fully on-trend with berry tones
-Shades of orange: deep orange, dusty orange
-Gold and silver as accents or main colors
-Shades of purple: lavender, lavender, lilac

3) Elegant Table Decoration Calls for Delicate Napkins

The placemat is perfectly staged with fine napkins and table runners. At Christmas time, for example, high-quality cloth napkins are a unique eye-catcher. These can also be fitted with decorative napkin rings. But even the simple, high-quality napkins fit elegantly into the overall concept and thus create a complete picture.

Rond De Serviette, Serviette, Serviettes En Tissu

4) Glasses and Cutlery Must Be Set Out Correctly

Most mistakes are made in the placement of cutlery and crockery. In order not to make a mistake, you need to follow a few principles. The coaster can be the center of the place setting, but it is not a necessity.

Anything that is used with the right hand should be on the right side of the table, and those with the left hand should be on the left side of the table. The cutlery that you need first will be on the outside. In addition, behavioral experts recommend that in the absence of special fish cutlery, put down two ordinary forks. The glasses are placed on top of the knife, also in the order in which they are used. So on the far right is the water glass, to the left of it the white wine glass and finally the red wine glass.

5) The Use of Name Cards

Place cards are an excellent idea for festive table decorations. Name cards are suitable for any occasion. Everyone who sees their name at the table feels even more welcome. The stylishly designed menu cards can also be used as table decorations for name tags.

6) Natural Materials as Table Decoration

Natural materials in table decoration are always welcomed, especially when it comes to family dinners at Easter or Christmas. For instance, during Christmas, branches, and pinecones can be used as decorative items. They don’t take up much space, but they will give the table a proper festive atmosphere.

At Easter, spring plants and wood are more suitable as decorations. Daffodils, on the other hand, are perfect for the occasion. Otherwise, flowers are always very popular as table decorations and homemade sprinkles. They complement the floral decoration and conjure up a suitable atmosphere.

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