8 Tips for a Stress-Free Event

There’s a lot to consider when planning an event. Don’t feel like organizing hundreds of things on the same day? Prefer to make sure your event is stress-free? Then take a look at this checklist.

1) the Earlier, the Better

Start planning your event early. This ensures peace of mind and minimizes stress. Finding the perfect venue should be at the top of your to-do list. From the venue, you can let your guests know the date you have chosen.

2) Create Real Expectations

You may have high expectations for your events based on past successes. Don’t try to find the perfect venue in a day; it will probably take a month. Don’t try to hire difficult speakers. The best way to plan your event is to be real and set realistic expectations of what you want to accomplish.

Make sure you have enough time to meet the goals you have set for yourself. There is nothing worse than having to lower your standards of what is expected of yourself or your event. You’ll also get frustrated when your unrealistic plans don’t work out.

3) Partners in Crime

Do you work with an event planner? Then he or she can get to work for you. If you’re going to work yourself, it’s best to book the other event professionals ahead of time. Is your event on a Saturday in the spring? Don’t wait too long to book your staff. It’s the season for communions and weddings. In summer? Then festivals are everywhere. If you contact your dream team of event professionals immediately after setting your event date, you’ll get a good overview of the possibilities. The earlier you start, the more options you’ll have.

4) Invite

Of course, you want your event to be a success, and you want many guests to accept your invitation. For this, you must send out your invitations in good time. This way, you make sure that the agenda of your guests are still free. Make a solid communication plan and use the proper channels with a strong message to quickly register the number of attendees you want.

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5) Know When and Where to Take a Break

While you may have a specific idea of what your event should look like (and usually it looks like it belongs in a magazine), you may not have the budget or connections to make it happen. Accepting the realities of planning an event, such as using fake flowers instead of real flowers, or folding chairs instead of designer brand chairs, can significantly ease your mind. You’ll probably still have a great event even if it doesn’t match your mental image.

6) Ready, Set, Go!

A script ensures that everyone is aware of their tasks on the day. In a script, you will find all the information about the event and the details of all parties involved. The event planner also provides a calendar with all the tasks that need to be done before and after the event. This way, you make sure that nothing is overlooked.

7) Go to the Person

Is there anything that can go wrong during your party or event? Then everyone must know who to go to for it. Ensure the person in question is aware of the script and has time to arrange last-minute things. On the day of the event, this person is responsible for putting out all the fires and proactively sees where the most attention is needed. A professional event planner has the experience and expertise to staff any additional positions.

8) Have a Plan B

In the course of planning, many people will change their minds, and even the chosen venue for the event may be canceled. Make sure you have other options behind you. That is, you have a plan B.

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Part of the fun of an event is accepting setbacks and mistakes, which makes the day unique. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy the party after you’ve completed everything. You’ve earned it!

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