Astounding Tips for Planning a Memorable 1st Birthday Party

Your baby’s first birthday is, without a doubt, an exceptional event. It is a party that you have wanted to celebrate, although you are aware that it is more of a party for adults than for babies, but in which everything must be thought out so that nothing interferes with your baby’s routines. Here we give you the necessary tips so that both your baby and your guests feel comfortable and the first birthday celebration is a success.


Guest List for your first birthday

The first thing to keep in mind is that your baby is in a stage where he needs a lot of attention, and he can feel overwhelmed if he is in an environment with which he feels unfamiliar and with too many unfamiliar faces. Also, even if other babies are invited, keep in mind that they still can’t play with each other at one year old. You have to be clear that you will have to pay more attention to your baby at this first birthday party, what your company will demand, than to the guests, so you should restrict the guest list to family and close friends.


The best moment

At this age, babies’ sleep is already highly regulated, and they usually take a nap in the morning and another in the afternoon, so organize the party at a time when you know your baby will be awake. But this type of party is always better to reduce them in time so that the children do not get tired. In any case, if your baby falls asleep during his first birthday party, don’t stress! Take care of your baby while the other adults calmly continue with the meeting.


The best place

As we mentioned, babies at this age can feel very disoriented if they get out of their usual environment a lot, so having the party at your house or a relative’s house will be the best option. Alternatively, you can celebrate their first birthday in a salon or restaurant, making sure beforehand that you have a quiet space to put the baby carriage in case a nap is necessary.



It is difficult to make very elaborate recipes of your own with a one-year-old baby, so don’t get too complicated with food. Canape-type and single-serving foods work very well for adults and children and will make eating easier when holding your baby. You can prepare assorted mini sandwiches, potato omelet, empanada, a cheese board, ham… Add to the table some fruit skewers and fruit cut into small pieces that are easy to eat and yogurt for the little ones. Avoid serving dried fruits and nuts, especially if you’ve invited other young children. In that case, don’t serve popcorn, raisins, or hard candy that could pose choking hazards either.

As for drinks, it is a good idea to have milk and juices for the children.


The cake

You can serve a classic cake, or if you prefer, opt for individual cupcakes or cakes that will avoid cutting with knives. Many parents choose to put the 1-year-old candle in a unique tart for the baby. Do not forget to place a 1-year-old candle !!, In any case, at the time of lighting the candle, make sure you are close to the birthday boy since his intention is probably to touch it instead of blowing it out. Don’t forget to ask someone to take photos or a video of this moment!


Some extra tips, especially if there are more babies and children:

  • In case of celebrating the birthday away from home, make sure you have a comfortable place to change diapers, not only for your baby but also for baby guests.
  • If you have invited mothers to breastfeed, reserve a quiet and private spot for them.
  • If you still do not have the house equipped or celebrate this first birthday away from home, consider installing a safety device in corners of furniture, on stairs and windows, etc., especially if you are going to have guest children who crawl or walk.
  • Keep valuables out of children’s reach, especially those easily-breakable ones and anything that children can choke on.
  • Keep your pets out of the place where the birthday is celebrated.
  • Keep an eye out for items that get thrown around, like forks and small things that babies and young children can put in their mouths. Pick them up off the ground immediately.
  • Have several baby toys and a safe space on the floor where they can play.


Some ideas for decoration

Use disposable plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery. You can also choose to have a party with a color theme. Use soft colors and combine them with gold or silver motifs. Use balloons as decorations. Use different sizes and combine helium balloons with air balloons so that they roll on the ground. Making sure the colors of the balloons match the predominant color of the party decorations. You can also make a wall background that frames the canapé table.


A big number 1 balloon or letter balloons are a great idea, and it looks great in photos. You can create a very original garland by holding pictures of your baby from his first year of life with decorative clips. Your baby is the protagonist, and so the guests can see how he has grown in just one year. If your baby already uses the highchair, decorate it. Use flower garlands or paper pom poms. It will be an exceptional setting for the baby to blow out the candles.


And above all, make sure someone takes the photos and relax. Your baby’s first birthday is a very important day, and you deserve to enjoy it.


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