Christmas Table Decoration Ideas

As the Christmas season approaches, we all start preparing for the celebrations at home and enjoy family and friends as much as possible in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. That’s why it’s essential to think for a moment about what the Christmas table decorations will be like.

Moreover, in this complicated and cramped 2020, it is essential that we live to take certain measures so that all those present can enjoy the celebration in the safest possible way. The most important thing is not to exceed the capacity recommended by the authorities and, if there are guests belonging to different housing units, try to keep distance between dinners by ventilating the room to avoid loading the environment and wearing the mask while we are not eating.

Every detail of the Christmas table decorations should be carefully chosen, so that nothing is missing, but without overloading, so that everyone can feel comfortable and have enough space. We will need to pay attention to the decoration of elements such as tablecloths and napkins, cutlery, glasses, plates, centerpieces and even candles.

1) Christmas Tablecloths and Napkins

You have to dress the table for the occasion. The most common colors are red, white, gold, printed with poinsettias or Santa Claus. Maybe you are more traditional and prefer to use a fabric tablecloth. But if you prefer to bet on the more Christmas prints, we recommend a plastic or paper tablecloth. It doesn’t matter if they are colored (something very common at these kind of festivities) and they will add a more festive touch to the table.

Once the tablecloth is chosen, we need to place matching napkins in the same shades as the tablecloth in case we can’t choose the same design.If you prefer a more classic style and use fabrics or sturdy napkins, you can decorate them with napkin rings to give them a more festive touch.

2) Cutlery

We all do our best to decorate the Christmas table and bring out the “good cutlery”. But if your Christmas party is more informal or if you just don’t feel like having to wash the cutlery at the end of the party, nothing better than the use of disposable cutlery. They are very original and above all

practical, if there are many participants in the event. They are great, especially when the catering is done standing up as an aperitif.

Couverts, Le Dîner, Coutellerie, Salle À Manger

3) Dishes

Like the napkins, the bowls should be in harmony with the tablecloth, but without overloading the table. If your tablecloth has a pattern, it’s better to use plain colored plates (or with very subtle patterns). If plain colors predominate on the tablecloth, we can use more striking patterns on plates or napkins. You will find a wide variety of styles for Christmas signs: shiny, gold, large, small, square, round, etc.

Dîner De Noël, Table De Noël, Café, Noël, Le Dîner

4) Glasses

And if there’s something important in these dates, it is to toast health and joy with your loved ones. But it often happens that too much emphasis is placed on toasting and some plates or glasses are shattered. So using disposable cups is a great and safe option for the most exuberant toasts.

Avènement, Hiver, Carte De Voeux, Avent, Humeur, Froid

5) Table Decoration

And, finally, the decorations for the center of the table. To make your table even more Christmassy, don’t forget to place a centrepiece on the table. You can indicate the location of each dinner with a few Christmas bookmarks. Moreover, you can add some star-shaped table confetti and even dress the wine and champagne bottles for the occasion.

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Do you have any other ideas for Christmas table decorations? Share it with us in the comments below!

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