Baby Shower: How to Organize and Decorate?


What Is a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is a party to celebrate the arrival of a baby. It’s a tradition that comes from the United States, although for centuries there were meetings between mothers and a mother-to-be, where they helped her and gave her useful advice on what was coming.

Baby showers were parties for the baby’s mother, organized by her friends or relatives, so it was an eminently feminine party. But more and more parents and friends now join these parties to celebrate the pregnancy. It usually is done in the last trimester of pregnancy, and useful gifts are given to mothers and fathers while everyone enjoys some good food and fun with different games.

How to Organize a Baby Shower?

There are several aspects to consider when organizing a baby shower:

1) Create and Send Invitations

The first thing you need to do is invite friends and family to the party. For this purpose, we can design nice and simple invitations with the date, time and place of the event. Of course, someone has to make sure they get to the guests.

2) Prepare Food and Drinks

These are usually parties that take place in the middle of the afternoon, so pastries are generally kings. Cupcakes, sweets, cakes, etc. are all welcomed! To drink, water, soda, coffee, etc., can be served. You can present all this with good crockery with colours similar to your decoration. Plates, glasses, tablecloths, napkins, anything can be matched!

3) Prepare Games For Guests

Some common games you can play with guests are trying to figure out the size of a woman’s belly, competing to see who is the fastest by drinking a bottle, or any other game you wish for.

The decoration is also an essential aspect of a baby shower. It should be fun but simple, and there are so many possibilities to enhance a baby shower with decorations. Here are some ideas that may help you:

1) Choose Colours

The first thing you have to decide is the colours of the party. You can go to the typical colours according to the sex of the baby: pink if it’s a girl or blue if it’s a boy. But if you do not like clichés, you may look for a combined decoration of different colours and look for something generic like a white, purple, yellow decoration.

Stroller Baby Girl - Free photo on Pixabay

2) Decorate With Balloons

Place different types of balloons, with messages like “It’s a girl” or “It’s a boy”, some more general like “Baby Shower”, or if you still don’t want to reveal the gender, you can also find balloons with the message “Boy or Girl?” in pink and blue colours. Another good option, if the pregnancy is in its final stage and you have already decided on the name, is to place the baby’s name using different foil balloons.

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3) Decorate the Table

Besides the dishes, glasses or tablecloths we already talked about, can also add some decorative details. Some examples are this baby shower cake, bottle-shaped centrepieces, table decorations or coloured pacifiers. Sweet Baby Co. Pink Baby Shower Decorations for Girl with Its A Girl Banner, Baby Girl Letter Balloons, Flower Pom Poms, Paper Lanterns, Tassels (Rose Gold, Pink, Ivory, White Sprinkle Set):

4) Place Garlands

Garlands can’t be missing at a party! There are many types available and you can choose those you like the most. From more generic garlands that go according to the colour of the baby shower decoration to specific garlands for this kind of parties, with the word BABY SHOWER in large, with different types of words “it’s a girl” or “it’s a boy” or through metallic baby shower banners.

Garçon, Jeune Fille, Égalité Entre Les Sexes, Révéler

5) Prepare Gifts for the Guests

Although we already know that it is the guests who give future parents, it is nice to have something for them as well. For instance, you can have a little souvenir for them. For this, you can choose from several nice gift boxes, or something more original, like those in the shape of a baby carriage.

Do you have any other decoration ideas for baby showers? Share it with us in the comments below!

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