Top 10 Incredible Divorce Party Ideas to Celebrate Your Freedom

Today, people not only celebrate their wedding with great fanfare but also their divorce, a celebration that has become the new fashion.

Nowadays, people who decide to call off their wedding no longer stay at home wallowing in self-pity, crying over their relationships that did not work out. Instead, many choose to handle this situation with the brand-new trend: a divorce party! A separation bash party to celebrate their freedom! So, the cliché aftermath process and radical changes such as new haircuts, tattoos, and binge-shopping fall short! This striking trend is gaining more and more popularity and has already been adopted worldwide. The cherry on the top, there’s even a social media hashtag #DivorceParty in honor of this special day! Today we give you the best party ideas to make yours a memorable one!

“I am getting a divorce, and you are cordially invited!” 

From birth to death, every event or transition in your life has a ceremony. Starting with baptism, first communion, fifteen, all kinds of grades, your wedding, until death has its ritual. So why, if divorce has such an impact on our lives, is it not worth celebrating? While some are deciding to end their marriage may be cause for celebration because of happiness and new beginnings, others less fortunate to surround themselves with family and friends to bid farewell to their married time may help ease the sorrows of a broken heart.

Whatever the case, the ritual’s goal is to close a stage, a cycle, a fundamental celebration to open the doors and allow new air to enter. This celebration will enable you to take a moment to cry, laugh, breathe, do whatever you want or need to do in the company of friends and family. It is a very revolutionary idea because before, people who got divorced were alone as if they were ashamed of a failure, which made the experience already difficult more negative. The party is a way to bring everything out into the open, while friends help you get through that difficult stage of life.

Does it work? Does it really ease the pain of a divorce? Will you feel better after you’ve thrown your engagement ring into the sea, or cast false spells, or dance with a clown disguised as your ex? Many questions remain unanswered, but sometimes we just need to laugh about it all, hop and nibble until we burst. And while yes, no one likes divorce-particularly those who are or are about to be, so if you’re (or know someone) in the throes of it, do yourself a giant favor and give this famous antidote to the depression of a separation a chance. So, let’s check out some crazy ideas some of the most creative ways to celebrate your divorce, in case you ever need the inspiration to make this day even more special!


#1. What better than to celebrate with a cake… in the middle.

It’s time to be original, and cakes are always the best way to celebrate any occasion. Therefore, at a divorce party, what better than half a cake to commemorate the occasion.


#2. The creativity of cakes can be endless.

A broken heart, with an obvious message: “Finally divorced!” This is one of the sweetest ways to get through that bad shot.


#3. But, do not miss the exotic dancers.

The mantra of: “If it works for a bachelorette party, it works for a divorce party” is fulfilled here again. Exotic dances are one of the best ways to relax and forget your sorrows. And if it is with two boys instead of one, even better. Don’t you think girls?


#4. Decoration

Balloons and garlands are always valid options that brighten up space, especially when it comes to celebrating. The cake can be with a doll of your ex on top, with the figure represents the former pulled out of the cake to give a touch of humor. Or maybe a cake that is split in the middle, where the figures are separated. There is a variety to choose from!


#5. If your husband was unfaithful to you, let her have it.

Dolly Parton’s famous song “Jolene” speaks of infidelity, so this empowering t-shirt sends the message to this Jolene from Dolly that she can keep him forever. What better outfit for your divorce party?


#6. A pole dancing class session can be a great idea too

Not only because it is super sexy and a fun way to spend time with your friends, but because if you also start practicing it, in no time, you will have an impressive body. If your ex sees you again, they will wonder why they divorced you.


#7. Applying Some Henna in the Most Creative Ways

When attending an Indian wedding, women paint their hands with henna with many details and meticulous designs. It’s one of the most specific things about these events. Therefore, they can be adapted to divorce parties, but with the occasional ironic twist. In this case, the message: “Thank you. Next” by Ariana Grande could not be more direct.


#8. Cupcakes are also the big toppers at divorce parties

Well, actually, with cupcakes, you always win from parties of your children at school to work meetings, birthdays, and even funerals. That’s why divorce parties weren’t going to be any different.


#9. Some people even invent a photo-call for the party

It is usually one of all parties’ hits and the best way to keep a beautiful memory. Well, that’s why at divorce parties you can’t miss the photo-call.


#10. And if not, a cruise with your best friends is never a bad idea.

It’s sexy, and you can let go as much as you want because you won’t have to drive home at the end of the night. Just be careful not to fall overboard, but that’s what your friends will be for.

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