Celebrate the Chinese New Year 2021

On February 12, we will celebrate a new year. Wait a minute, didn’t we do that? I’m talking about Chinese New Year and the energy and life that surrounds this special day. Does one have to be Chinese to ensure a marvelous New Year with glorious new beginnings? Absolutely not! Try these simple and inexpensive things to welcome the excellent fresh start you are looking for.
* Here we go again, the word CLUTTER. Unused clothes, old food, anything that is no longer needed or used should be discarded. This is not a complete spring cleaning, but rather your intention (and a little space) to let the new energy into your room. Call Goodwill, and you’ll both be grateful.
* Clean, dust off cobwebs, energize your environment. Many consultants use sage, or you can use sound as a method of cleaning the space. Define your intentions for ridding the house of everything negative and tap on something that resonates. A good glass of cut crystal and a spoon works well. Be sure to place the corners where the energy lingers.
* If you can, pay some bills. The ones you’ve been putting off and lying around, the overdue ones. Start the new year with as clean a slate as possible and with as little debt as possible. Remember, even if you can’t afford to pay a lot, you plan to let the indebtedness of your life come out this year to attract all the wealth you will need or want.
* Do something special for you. Treat yourself to that special moment with a massage, the dress you’ve desired, a nice dinner, or merely a long bubble bath without distractions. Something just for YOU, so that other good things follow the new energy you put into you.
* Make a change. It may be meaningful or something small, but do something different. The New Year and new beginnings mean a new way of doing things, changing what doesn’t work for us anymore or the things that are stagnating in our lives. You may have a new hairstyle, a new look, take a different path to work, meditate, anything that makes you feel comfortable and means that you are ready to “go with the flow” and let in the new energy and new changes.
*Sweep the kitchen floor at any time before midnight on Chinese New Year’s Eve. This symbolizes letting go of the old and putting it outside.
* Put a bowl of Fruit for Abundance in every area. I like the excuse of filling a large bowl with fresh fruit in marvelous colors, and I like what it symbolizes. We are not just talking about wealth. Although that is part of it, we are talking about allowing Abundance in ALL areas of our lives. You can eat them after New Year’s Day as a bonus.
* Get fresh flowers – with red flowers for the fire. I usually stop by the florist or even a grocery store to pick up a small bouquet of pretty flowers, but I’ve noticed that I often have to ask for a few red carnations or roses. I don’t know why these bouquets often don’t have the color red, but we are looking to start this year, and fire elements are needed.
* Burn a candle if you are at home the night before. Blow it out as close to midnight as possible and set up your wishes and intentions for the New Year. Celebrate this day as you would a birthday.
* Finally, open the front door at midnight or just before going to bed. I know it’s cold, but you let the new energy in at the right time. It sweeps through the house and intensifies everything you’ve done.
And there you have it. Not a lot of money spent, but a lot of intention. It’s a marvelous way to start a new year and let go of last year, especially if you’ve been struggling. Now that you’ve cleaned your house for the New Year clean up your thoughts. Let the flattering wash over you, and be sure that you will bring beautiful things into this new year of adventure you are about to embark on.

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