Chinese New Year Decorations – Part 2

The Chinese New Year is a time to start afresh, forget past mistakes and forgive old grudges.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!”

The Chinese New Year is said to be incomplete without the traditional Chinese decorations. So, today let’s discover how to deck out your house for the Chinese New Year.

Kumquat Trees

The English name of Kumquat originates from the Cantonese word gam kwat and means “golden tangerine.” As per Chinese customs, it is recommended to buy this small fruit-bearing tree and plant it during the Chinese New Year. But why this particular tree?

The Kumquat is a popular fruit in China and its golden colour is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Moreover, due to its lip-smacking flavour, the Kumquat is used to make the delicious desserts that can be found in China, Vietnam, and Korea.

Chinese Knots

What is a Chinese knot?

The dragon country has a long history of using knots for decorations that started as a form of Chinese folk art during the Tang and Song dynasty. The Chinese knot is simply a handicraft where a knot is woven from a single length of cord to a myriad of shapes and each shape has a specific meaning. For the Chinese New Year, the Chinese knot is either used as a piece of decoration or as a gift to friends and relatives.

Chinese knots are known to hold great sentimental value. For instance, in ancient Chinese dynasties, lovers gave each other a knot as a token of their love. “True love knots” or “double happiness knots” were widely used at weddings as they symbolize love and marriage bliss in the Chinese culture.

Beautiful and Auspicious Flowers

The Chinese New Year marks the beginning of spring and one cannot celebrate spring without flowers. It is not uncommon for houses and shops to use floral decorations. It is believed that the flowers that bloom precisely during the Chinese Spring festival bring good omen and fortune. For instance, the butterfly orchid is a flower that blooms during this particular season and is thus the first choice. Other auspicious flowers during that period are the plum blossoms, pussy willows, peonies and peach blossoms. For instance, as per the Chinese culture, the peach blossoms are known to exorcise evil spirits and bring love and prosperity. On the other hand, the pussy willow, also known as the silver willow, connotes fortune and great career success. Besides, even the guzmania conifer is used due to its red colour and its lucky omen.

Coloured Lights

Coloured lights are among the most common New Year decorations and are generally hung on the streets, homes and shops. Nowadays, you can choose from a large variety of lights with different colours and shapes.

Zodiac Animal Toys

The Chinese Zodiac refers to a classification based on the lunar calendar where the 12 Chinese horoscope animals are assigned to each year in the 12-year cycle. There are 12 zodiac animals: rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. During the Spring Festival, the zodiac signs are used as mascots and at home, children are given cute zodiac animal toys.

Red Fabric Decorations

Red is an essential colour in Chinese culture, which symbolizes success, loyalty, honour, happiness and love. Apart from the Chinese red lanterns, red fabric is widely used during the Chinese New Year. For instance, during this period, people opt for red curtains, beddings, sofa cushions and tablecloths.

Moreover, the colour red for the Chinese community helps create a warm, harmonious and happy atmosphere at home.

Banners and Scrolls

During this festive season, you will undoubtedly find some banners and scrolls placed on the walls of many houses and shops. The scrolls can usually be in gold or red and can include certain auspicious characters such as “Xi”, “Fu”, “Lu” and “Shou.”


When has the Chinese community ever celebrated the New Year without bursting firecrackers?

It is an ancient tradition that firecrackers are used to scare off evil spirits and enemies during the Chinese New Year.

Will you decorate your house with coloured lights and red fabric decorations? Or, will you choose the banners and scrolls? Please share your comments and tell us what your favourite decorations are?

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