Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

Valentine’s Day has been associated with parties and celebrations for centuries and the tradition continues today. This is one time of the year when school children look forward to a party in the class and a time to distribute Valentines to their friends. Adults host parties on this date as well and are often looking for unusual ideas to make their party one that is unique.

A special occasion to show your partner the true meaning of love. As Valentine’s day is approaching near, we all can sense love in the air. Throwing a valentine’s day party would be a great idea to make your special one feel appreciated and loved. Instead of your relationship status, you can even celebrate valentine’s day with your family and friends to show how much they mean to you. Take a look at our fun party ideas for adults to find how to celebrate 14 Feb in style.


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Venue selection plays a vital part in adults party

The perfect venue selection can set the tone for the party atmosphere. You should prepare in advance, a list of guests coming to the party and then choose the venue accordingly. Best venue for adult party celebrations can be a beach house, restaurants or your house. If you are planning to throw a party on a large-scale then hotel, club or hall will prove to be a better idea.

Keep your decorations sophisticated and natural

For the purpose of decoration, stick to one golden rule: keep the decorations simple to celebrate Valentine’s day in style. A few carefully placed decorations will look more stylish like use balloons and red ribbons and let them hover up to the ceilings. Enhance the look of party venue with traditional valentine’s colors such as white, red, purple or pink. This combination will look ultra stylish and very classy. You can also use pink and red flowers to decorate your party. You should also decorate chairs and tables with doilies, heart-shaped confetti and lace tablecloths.

Valentine’s day food ideas

Serving your guests with red and pink food can look very cute and stylish. You can also add candies and chocolates in your menu at the Valentine’s day adult party. Go for a stylish and classy candy buffet display, if you want themed party food. Fill different shaped sweet jars with pink and red sweets and leave out scoops and paper sweet bags for your invited guests to help themselves to the romantic and sweet treats.


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Activities and Games

Activities can help you to give a fun look to your party. Fill lots of candies in a bowl and ask the visitors to guess the number of candies. The one that guesses the closest number will win the candies and all other gifts. Question and answer is the best and the most romantic game to play on a Valentine’s Day adult party. Ask some of the per-decided questions from each pair and ask them to write down the answers separately. The duo with most matched answers will be the winner of the bumper gift hamper.

Extra Impact

If you want to provide some extra entertainment for your guests, set up a photo studio where your guests can pose with their partner or alone with props. It is an amazing idea to save perfect memories and to make the party remembered for a long time. To make the party extra Valentines, hang some stripe pink or red fabric so that it will make a festive background to take some awesome snaps.

Sweet Treats

No Valentine party of any kind is complete without some decadent sweet treats. Here’s a couple of options to consider. For little ones, or the young at heart, provide heart-shaped sugar cookies and all the trimmings. Let guests decorate their Valentine cookies with pink, white or red frosting and top them off with sprinkles, colored sugar, white chocolate mini chips, etc.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are always a welcome dessert. Another option is to whip up some fresh cream and serve the berries with a nice big dollop! Pink lemonade is the perfect add-on for Valentine party. Add a sign that a special Love Potion has been added to the lemonade.

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