How To Set The Table For Special Occasions?

Entertaining the guests is a moment of privilege. No detail should be neglected between the dishes to be concocted, the decoration of the place, the arrangement of the chairs, and not forgetting the table setting. In addition to the choice of dishes, you will also have the challenge of mastering the art of table setting. So, how to set the table for a wonderful event? Follow our guide!

Knowing How To Choose the Right Place

The art of table setting begins with the choice of location. We often forget that the environment where we want to invite our guests impacts the atmosphere that will reign there. However, the first step to take before any other is choosing the appropriate place for the occasion.

If you decide to eat indoors, don’t hesitate to decorate the walls or even the furniture and the floor with pretty objects: flowers, balloons, garlands… But don’t opt for bulky decorations that could overload the space. Also, if you want to take advantage of the outdoor space, make sure the table is not too exposed to the sun. Install an umbrella, arbor, or sails to create a shaded area. Make sure your guests are sheltered from the wind. All this guarantees a pleasant moment around a good meal.

Embellish the Table With a Tablecloth

Before putting a tablecloth on your table, first place a thick cotton batting. In addition to dampening the sound of cutlery, this will provide comfort when putting your arms on the table.

Once the fleece is in place, it’s time to choose a tablecloth. For the color and patterns, take as a basis the season, your tastes, and the theme of the meal. Choose the right shape and size for your table. Be aware that a square tablecloth goes just as well with a square table as a round one.

When orienting the tablecloth, make sure that the corners cover all or at least half of the table legs. The tablecloth should also fall to a height of 20 to 40 cm. As for any creases, you can iron them directly on the table or leave them as they are.

How To Arrange the Plates

First of all, it should be noted that the ideal distance between 2 plates is 50 cm (30 to 40 cm minimum). This is to give each guest enough space to move around. Place a presentation plate 2 cm from the edge of the table on each place.

In general, the plates that must be placed on the table are :

the presentation plate ;

the dinner plate ;

and the soup plate.

Other plates, such as the foie gras or cheese plates, will be presented as the meal progresses.

Good To Know:

You should avoid placing one flat plate on top of another. On the other hand, you can use gold or silver-colored under plates, glass, or varnished wicker to protect the table from hot dishes.

Proper Placement of Cutlery and Glasses

-The placement of cutlery is not to be neglected. It requires a delicate touch. Place spoons, forks, and knives correctly as follows:

-The fork should be placed on the left side of the plate, with the tines facing the table;

-The stainless steel or ceramic knife should be placed on the right side of The plate with the blade facing the table;

-The soup spoon should be placed next to the knife, with the bulging part facing up.

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