The Importance of Wedding Decorations

Everyone loves weddings and the décor that makes them even more beautiful. Even the simplest wedding should have décor that at least matches the personalities of the bride and groom. Everyone loves a “fairy tale” wedding, and it is the decor that adds glamour to the wedding. Wedding decorations play a very important role in setting the tone for a wedding. When you are talking about a beach wedding or a ballroom wedding or a tropical wedding, it is the decorations that make it special or classic or luxurious. This is precisely why a lot of thought goes into the decorations for the wedding. The decorations can make a look ethereal, and radiate love, warmth and happiness. Whether it is a budget wedding or a lavish wedding, decorations set the mood of the celebration.

When it comes to Indian weddings, we see a lot of colorful decorations. And to make a wedding colorful, you need to plan well. If it is a traditional style wedding, you should choose the floral decorations that reflect the setting.


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Nowadays, people like a combination of traditional and modern decor. For example, the stage where the wedding ceremony takes place will have a traditional decor with yellow marigold and other flowers unique to Indian weddings. And the reception will be all contemporary with white as the theme, complete with elegant floral arrangements.

It includes the proper preparation of the venue. After choosing the venue, the next step is to decorate it to match the wedding theme, taking into account the bride and grooms likes and dislikes.

Indian weddings are colorful events. The bride and groom will wear colorful clothing, with a predominance of red. When it comes to a wedding with a Western theme, you will find a lot of white and cream colors.

For a well-coordinated wedding, the decorations should match the chosen theme.

Colors determine the decor

For example, if it is a beach wedding, the color choice will be blue and white. The choice of color is an important decision to get the theme right. However, there is no color restriction as such. It is up to the bride and groom to decide. If you have a wedding planner or event management team arranging your wedding, they will naturally ask about your color preferences. Look at different shades before giving your suggestions. Your wedding attire should not clash with the decorations.

Flowers complement the decor

Many curtains, carpets and flowers are used to enhance the theme of the wedding. Flower arrangements should complement the decor. You can talk to the wedding planner about your preferences. For example, in a traditional decor we see a predominance of yellow, orange and red flowers. A modern decor has white, cream, peach, pink and even blue tones in the floral arrangements.

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Look for inspiration

You can take inspiration from other weddings; there’s nothing wrong with that. Many people copy weddings in Bollywood and Hollywood style. So you can consult movies for inspiration. Hire a good decorator early enough. But before you entrust them with your wedding decorations, check out their previous work and then decide.

If you can manage just one big wedding flower, just place it on a vantage point where it can add to the occasion, But if you can have as many as your guests tables, then you can put one on each table. These flowers can even be a nice place where your guest can hang their greeting card. Now, if you think it is so difficult, then you have misjudged. Simply have your tree branches peeled and polished with a color that will likely suite the event. Get some rocks and vase and you’ll be done.

Lighting your reception is just as important as any decoration. Lights are not too expensive and you don’t have to pay that much to get them. It’s even great to know that these lights can be reused when the need be, so you should keep them. You can also use some old ones as well. For this occasion, Christmas lights, rope lights and candles will always appeal to the occasion.

Imagine how amazing it will be to have the whole place flooded with beautiful picture of the two partners. These can be placed at highly visible point to make them seen. Around the cake and guest tables can also have this decor. But you can also display pictures of the two families if possible.

Backdrop decorations like arches will also not be bad at all. It’s just great and can bring a lot more to the table of wedding decorations. People want using balloons and flowers, but any of those will just be great for the wedding reception.

Wedding decorations are what make a wedding special and grand. So plan well in advance and hire a good decorator to decorate your wedding in a special way.

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