Tips for Planning the Ultimate Firefighter Birthday Party

Are you tired of simple birthday themes? Is your little one a firefighter lover? Well, today we present you how to celebrate your firefighter birthday, in this blog we will give you tips on how to prepare it so that you have a spectacular kids birthday party.

The Venue

The first thing you need to keep in mind when looking for how to celebrate a firefighter-themed birthday party with kids is space. This is because it needs to be a spacious place for the little ones to enjoy the party decorations, while playing and having fun.

For this reason, we will see several ways to decorate a children’s party on the theme of firefighters, as it will all depend on whether you decide to celebrate the birthday at home or in an open space and whether you want to make it a specific character as the party of the fireman Sam or more generic.

Decorating Outdoors

Fireman Sam Themed Party Ideas - Brisbane Kids

Do you prefer to celebrate your firefighter birthday outdoors? No problem, here we are going to teach you how to organize your own outdoor firefighter birthday party to make it sensational.

First of all, you need to have elements with the color that predominates in a firefighter birthday party, which is obviously the decoration in red. With the color base, we will play with black and yellow tones.

You can place centerpieces in the shape of fire trucks, fire helmets, and fake fire flames (using some fountain flares) to give the impression of a real fire, and make it look like a real firefighter’s birthday.

Decorating Indoors

Don’t feel like going out and would rather have your firefighter birthday party at home? This is also a very valid option, whether you want to do it outside or you prefer to turn your house into a fire station, we’ll show you how.

To decorate your own house for a great firefighter birthday celebration, all you need to do is to install a red party curtain covering your walls and turn it into a fire station.

On it, you can put balloons in the shape of firefighters or make two big columns and balloon arches on the sides with the same theme tones. Finish it off by adding a birthday garland or bun with the birthday person’s name.

The Table

The most important moment, like having a fireman’s birthday with a full table. Well, it all starts with a red tablecloth and a skirt to cover the table with black.

When it comes to ideas for decorating a fire themed birthday party, we can’t forget about disposable tableware. You can combine disposable plates in one color or with designs. Don’t forget that we are talking about organizing a fireman birthday party for kids, so you will have to provide some elements like drinking straws or themed glasses to combine with the rest of the table.

The Cake

A good birthday needs a good birthday cake, they complement each other. And to make your cake in this simple fireman birthday we have the best ideas.

It could not be the exception, for this very reason, now we will see how a firefighter party cake decoration must be to have a good birthday cake.

To make a good firefighter birthday cake, all you need is red icing or fondant molded in the shape of a fire, or if you prefer, in the shape of a fire truck or firefighter helmet.

The firefighter theme gives you a lot of freedom to choose and in the end, you’ll have a real firefighter cake. Finish it off with a cake topper and a fun cake figurine.


Now that you already have some ideas for decorations for a birthday party on the theme of firefighters, as well as tips for organizing a simple and uncomplicated children’s party of firemen. All that’s left is to put them into practice. Don’t burn with despair while preparing your children’s firefighters party at home or in the open air and enjoy the organization and the party to the fullest.

What’s the best birthday party you’ve ever planned? Share everything with us in the comments below.


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