6 Questions to Ask Your Event Caterer Beforehand

Your caterer is responsible for one of the most critical aspects of your event: the culinary part. Thanks to event caterers, guests can enjoy a delicious menu. Besides, the staff offers professional services and plans all kitchen logistics for an event. If you’re planning to hire catering services, here are some questions to ask the team to find out whether they can be the perfect fit for your special occasion!

1) What Are Your Signature Dishes and Specialties?

Whether you want a high tea, a sit-down dinner, or a barbecue at your event, ask your caterer if their team specializes in the type of cuisine you want. This way, you can make sure to choose the perfect caterer that will provide your guests with unforgettable culinary fireworks.

Do you want to know if your caterer can offer alternatives for guests with personal wishes, allergies, or intolerances? Don’t forget to ask whether the team also accommodates the menu for vegetarians or pregnant women!

2) What Is Included in the Price?

Check beforehand which formula best suits your budget and wishes. Do the prices include or exclude VAT? What does the caterer provide, and why do you have to pay more? Are logistics and staff included in the price? An experienced caterer will make you a suitable proposal based on your priorities.

What You Can Also Ask Beforehand:

-Do I already pay a down payment in advance?

-Are broken or lost glasses, plates, or silverware charged for?

-Can the wait staff dress in the theme of the event?

3) What Will the Day of Our Event Be Like?

Know who your contact is on the day of your event and when the team will arrive at your venue. Does your caterer have other events that day, and who will be present at your event? Discuss how dedicated staff will make your event run smoothly and put this information into a scenario. Discuss the number of room and kitchen staff your caterer provides so that your hospitality needs can be met.

4) Do You Have References?

Are you comfortable with a vendor but want to get to know the company better first? Don’t hesitate to ask for references. Satisfied customers are a caterer’s best calling card, and they’ll be happy to share their experiences with you.

You Can Also Ask:

-Does your supplier know your event venue?

-Is there a partnership between the venue and your supplier?

-When is the best time to pass on the final number of guests?

-When will the settlement take place? If your company works with specific order numbers and payment terms, it is good to coordinate this with your caterer in advance.

5) What Happens if I Don’t Want the Furniture That Is Included?

The catering price usually includes glassware, tables, chairs, and linens (depending on the model, the price varies). In case you don’t want to use the furniture they have, you need to be clear whether this amount will be deducted from the final price.

Drinks, Alcohol, Glasses, Champagne, Wine

6) What Kitchen Space and Special Needs Do They Need?

All catering needs an adequate kitchen space. Remember that if there is not enough space for cooking, you will have to incur additional costs in this area. It will affect your budget!

Find out how many waiters will be available per table, how many bartenders will serve the bar, and how many cooks will be in charge of the kitchen. This will ensure that the staff is sufficient for the number of guests.

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