Guide to Decorate Your Child’s First Communion

The day of the first communion is a very important moment for the little ones. On this day, they feel special and await your arrival with nerves and enthusiasm throughout the year. The first communion is their occasion to be the centre of attention, and they enjoy it in a big way. That is why it is essential to pay attention to all the details to make the most of the event surrounded by all your loved ones. The child must be comfortable so that they enjoy it even more. That is why the best thing is that they are involved in the whole process, so you can consider his tastes and preferences when making the final decisions, both in the choice of the suit/dress, the place chosen for the celebration and, the decoration. Once you have selected the communion outfit, invitations, reminders and gifts for the event, it is time to choose the best place to celebrate it and, of course, customize the decoration.


Where to Celebrate the Communion?

First Communion Boy Party Ideas | Light Blue & Grey Theme

  • At Home: It is a smart option, especially if you want an intimate celebration, since it gives a very personal touch and close to the event. It will also give you a lot of flexibility when decorating the party. You can choose to hire a catering or prepare your own recipes for the menu, but always keeping in mind that it is a special event, and the decoration, in this case, must be meticulous.
  • In a Restaurant: It is a convenient idea. There are many types of restaurants but do not forget that it is a children’s party, so it will be essential to have a recreational area for children to enjoy after lunch.
  • It is an excellent option in a garden or farm, especially considering that communions are celebrated in months with pleasant spring weather. They generally offer catering or restaurant service, and outdoor games are insured.
  • In a Party Room:  It is an alternative to consider since it gives you the possibility of personalizing it as a party at home, but with more space. They usually have suppliers for catering, although they will surely give you the freedom to choose your own service. They also traditionally put at your disposal animation services or inflatable attractions.


How to Decorate a Communion?

First Communion Ideas | How to organize

If you take care of the communion decoration personally, you will have total freedom to choose all the details. In any case, if you plan to leave the decoration in the hands of a professional, do not forget to make clear the theme, tastes and preferences of the little one.

Keep in mind that the first decision you will have to make is if you prefer a classic decoration or if, on the contrary, you prefer a thematic communion.

  • Classic Communion: In communions with classic decoration, pastel and white colours are usually used and generally complemented with blue for boys and pink for girls. Keep in mind that it is a religious celebration, so the details that remind you that it is a communion must be present in these more classic decorations.
  • Thematic communion: Communions with thematic motifs are becoming more and more fashionable, and the decoration of mermaids, unicorns, football, or superheroes are the most demanded. Sailors, Indians and cowboys, flamingos or cartoon characters are also gaining strength.


Essential to Personalize the Communion Decoration

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  • Candy Bar: You can not miss a sweet table decorated and combined with the party’s theme. The candy bar is the dessert table and has an all-you-can-eat buffet concept, so the portions must be individual. Cookies, tarts and tartlets and the increasingly popular macaroons are the most popular sweets. It is also a good idea to include fruit kabobs and, of course, chocolates and trinkets. Do not forget that the sweets table must have straws, glasses, plates or bowls, and napkins to help the guests take the desserts. You can decorate it with balloons, garlands and pompoms to match the style you have chosen.
  • Photocall: It cannot be absent from any party worth it’s salt. The photocall should be combined with the rest of the decoration. You have to take advantage of the fact that you all get together to get photos that are as nice as they are unforgettable.
  • Ornaments on the Tables: If you want to give it an even more personal touch, don’t forget to decorate the tables. Balloons are always a good choice, from first communion balloons to balloon centrepieces.
  • Decorations on Walls and Ceilings: On the other hand, pennants, spiral decorations, fabric decorations and pompoms can add a fun and colourful touch to the celebration. In having a themed party, you can use them to decorate the first communion and convey that theme you want to achieve.

We hope these ideas guide you to make your little one’s communion day truly memorable.


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