Coolest Themes For Your Event

With a theme, you immediately ensure that your event has a unique style and themes are ideal to surprise your guests. Discover some great ideas here.

1) Tropical

If you want to give your event a summery feel, you can opt for a tropical theme. For this, provide colorful decorations with lots of flowers. For music, think Hawaiian vibes and a setting where cocktails -or mocktails- with lots of colors and exotic fruits welcome you. To put your guests in the right mood, you can offer them a wreath of flowers upon arrival – ambiance assured!

2) Middle Ages 2.0

Is your event taking place in an ancient castle? Then this is the perfect opportunity to choose a proper medieval theme for your party or event. Strategically place candelabras that diffuse a dim light; you will immediately create the right atmosphere. You can also put rustic furniture and armor here and there; your location will look like something straight out of Game of Thrones! Prepare an authentic Burgundian feast for your guests. Young and old will be impressed by your medieval feast.

3) Safari

The safari theme is another big trend when it comes to events. Transform your venue into an urban jungle by putting large plants everywhere and choose green and brown colors and jute elements for additional decoration. Add some animal print, and the theme will come to life! You can even play jungle sounds through the speakers. Your guests can easily add to the theme by wearing a khaki or beige suit, something which everyone has hanging in their closet!

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4) The Great Gatsby

Anyone who has seen the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby will undoubtedly remember the many extravagant parties. Guests wear the most flamboyant outfits, and the venue is transformed into an elegant palace with grand chandeliers, sumptuously set tables, and plush furnishings. You will immediately imagine yourself in the roaring twenties.

5) Texas, baby!

Bring out the cowboy in you and host an authentic Texas event. To do so, turn your event venue into an authentic saloon, provide hats for all your guests and set up straw bales and cactus to complete the look & feel. Provide a grill for your caterer to prepare hot dogs and hamburgers. It’s almost impossible to feel more American.


 6) The Outdoors Inside

Bring nature indoors to create a “hidden garden” feel for your event. An abundance of leaves, flowers, and grass is one element that ties this theme together, and if the budget allows, hanging plants can provide an actual enclosed garden effect.

7) Zombie Apocalypse

An excellent last-minute themed idea is that of a zombie apocalypse, as you can make it out of a “trashed” version of your venue, with spray murals on the wall, bloody handprints, or stains on the floor, and many more objects left behind. Plus, it’s an easy costume option for participants since they can zombify any outfit.

8) Fitness

Health and wellness are increasingly crucial to people, so a theme focusing on fitness, exercise, and being the best you can be could be popular. You can encourage attendees to participate in workout clothes and create various workshops and exhibits that focus on different types of exercise, from high to low impact. Smoothies or juice bars are popular for drinks, and an interesting salad bar would be a treat.

9) Superheroes

This is a popular theme due to the successful Marvel movies. You can choose from various colors and characters- Batman’s dark atmosphere or the Hulk’s green. You can also make things more interesting by asking participants to create their own superheroes and win a prize for the best one.

Have you ever hosted an event incorporating any of the themes above? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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