Just like me, I know many of you have watched the whole more than 4 times, and let us not talk about our favourite episodes. I know the dialogues by heart, and yet they are as funny as they were when I first watched them.

Sometimes, I just want to go back in time and watch the show for the first time all over again and get the chance to discover each of the characters one more time and live by their side through the 10 seasons as I did watch it the first time.

This show ended on the 6 May 2004 and still holds a special place in our hearts. After 17 years, they came up with the Friends Reunion; we all cried our eyes out when we saw all of the characters together once again. So maybe now it’s time to throw a Friends party for your friends… and I have the perfect guide for you.

The Food

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There is no party without food, right? Keep in mind that ‘Joey doesn’t share food’. Food is an important element in Friends from Rachel and Chandler’s stolen cupcakes, Monica’s cookie, Joey’s head in the turkey. Ross’ sandwich and Phoebe’s vegetarian break while pregnant; there are many examples like these, but we will stop here. You get the point. Food is primordial, so what food to plan for the party?

Lasagna bites remind us of the episode where Monica had to make a dozen lasagnas for her aunt but unfortunately added meat while they are vegetarian. (Season 1 Episode 12)

Pizzas do not fall in love with the delivery guy or girl; this is what Ross tries to teach us in the episode ‘The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt’ (Season 5, Episode 19). Ross could not flirt with the delivery girl and kept on ordering pizza to see her. 

Steak, a good steak is always good, and so does Monica thought when she plans on stealing five steaks and an eggplant for Ross’s birthday from a fancy restaurant. (Season 2 Episode 5) 

Coffee, how can we throw a Friends party without coffee? These long hours spent in Central Perk are not for nothing…

Margaritas, “The One Where Ross Is Fine” (Season 10, Episode 2), showcases yummy margaritas prepared by Ross to be able to forget the fact that Joey and Rachel are together. 


The decoration is pretty simple. You only have to recreate your favourite spot of the show – either Monica’s apartment or the Central Perk – you choose. You will need to have the purple door. This is compulsory; there are some items that you can add here and there to remind your guests of the theme. For example, a Hugsy, Phoebe’s guitar, fur-line handcuffs, dinosaur fossils, and so much more.

You can also decorate with the different iconic quotes; “How you doing?” (Joey), “We were ON A BREAK!” (Ross), “He’s a Transpondster!” (Rachel), and so on…. 


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A party is not complete without music and your know-how; our Friends love music. Different songs are played along with the show you can have during your party. Of course, there is the soundtrack; you can play some of Phoebe’s best songs or even make a karaoke out of them; this will be so much fun.

Do not forget to plan some games, and if you have an outdoor party, you can plan some football games, trivia, or the game Chandler invented “Cups” to give $ 1500 to Joey for him to pay his bills. The game is from ‘The One On The Last Night’s episode. You can click here to discover the rules of the game.

This is what makes a great party, but what is more important is having your friends surround you and have a great time together. Let us know in the comments if you are throwing a Friends-themed party…

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