Tips for a Stress-Free Garden Party

“Staycations” and “house parties” are probably the biggest summer trends of 2021. As a result of the Coronavirus, we’re even more attached to our homes this summer. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t organize enjoyable summer evenings, atmospheric barbecues, or cozy garden parties (Corona proof and provided the proper measures are followed, of course). Just take this opportunity to strengthen your valuable relationships with the people inside your bubble.

You don’t need to organize big gatherings for this. An intimate party in your garden is the perfect party opportunity this summer! So how do you manage a successful garden party? This is not difficult at all. Certainly not with the exciting tips we’ve put together for you!

Garden Party: Spread the Word!

Make a summer or tropical invitation and let all your guests know well in advance that you are organizing your summer party. You don’t need to be a design prodigy for this. You can easily make your invitations through the many online tools available for this. A good example is the website Canva, where you will find countless fun templates and ideas that you can rely on to design your invitations.

As you create and send your invitation, don’t forget to include these three things in your invitation:

1) Inform your guests that you are having a garden party and that the party will be held outdoors. This way, your guests can prepare for it and bring sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, raincoats, and sweaters (because you never know with the weather)

2) In the invitation you can also tell your guests what to bring to your garden party. Swimwear? Flip flops? Toys? A snack or a drink?

3) Also, clearly state when the meal will be eaten. That way you won’t have to reheat your barbecue for latecomers. Everyone will be on time for all the goodies that await them.

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Let There Be Light!

Your garden party will be enjoyable at sunset, twilight at dusk, and certainly with a pitch-black starry sky! You can complete this fantastic atmosphere by using additional mood lighting. This doesn’t have to be expensive at all. For example, use empty glass jars with candles to hang on a tree or wall. You can also buy or rent light cords to hang over your garden. Or go back to basics and build a real fire. In our opinion, the statement “the more lights, the more atmosphere” applies here.

Music, Maestro!

To complete the atmosphere, a touch of music at your garden party can’t be missed. Here too, there are several options. You can bring in a professional band, singer(s) or DJ.

If this is just out of your budget for this year’s garden party, then take a look at friends or family. Everyone knows someone who can play guitar or some other instrument. Another great option is to sit around the fire and sing lovely songs together.

Of course, you don’t have to sing yourself all night long with a wink. You can also prepare a playlist to play at your party, for example, via Spotify. It’s even more fun to ask your guests beforehand about their favorite songs and make a playlist based on their suggestions that will delight all your guests.

Also, let your neighbors know in advance that you’re hosting a party, so they won’t be surprised by all the chatter and singing echoing from your garden.

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Play it Cool!

It can get scorching hot in the summer. We have to prepare more and more for a heatwave too. So, take this radiant sun into account and provide shade first. This can be done with colorful umbrellas or by stretching a large sheet over your table or terrace. However you do, it doesn’t matter as long as you make sure your guests don’t leave the house looking like a red lobster!

Make sure they can also cool off inside by offering different drinks. A large bucket of ice to keep alcoholic beverages cool is always a good idea. But provide a range of non-alcoholic drinks as well. Not everyone wants to drink alcohol at the table.

Partying in your own bubble can be fun but do it safely!

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