Wedding During a Pandemic: 6 Tips

With the current Coronavirus measures, getting married and celebrating love will be difficult, but it is certainly possible! Yes, it’s a significant change if your wedding can’t occur as planned or can’t take place at all. The situation is challenging now, but we have learned a lot in the last few months, whether it’s about planning, rescheduling, or organizing a “corona wedding.” It may be different than what you originally planned, but just the same: a fantastic day. Your fantastic day!

So here are some tips for planning your wedding during corona.

1) Celebrate the Love

Celebrating your love is possible and always worth it. Therefore, try to think about the possibilities. In certain countries, the rules (for now) allow a maximum of 30 guests to come together. This can include the people you feel the closest to. Celebrating with the people you love most and who have the whole day to spare: that’s a big plus!

2) Location

If your wedding was already planned but needs to be adjusted, you’ve undoubtedly already booked a venue. Many venues have now been made suitable for weddings. Do you not yet have a venue, or is it impossible to have your wedding at your booked venue according to current guidelines? Consider a large old warehouse or an outdoor wedding venue. For example, a meadow or woodland has enough space to keep the distance. ‘Scared’ of the weather? Have a large stretch tent or a mirror tent with plenty of outdoor space installed for a unique wedding venue.

3) Guest List

If you’re planning a small intimate wedding, you probably won’t need to make any changes to the guest list. If you want to have a huge wedding, you will now need to make adjustments. A good option is to celebrate now with people who are very close to you and, for example, plan a celebration later, in 2021 or 2022, with all the guests you would like to invite.

Perhaps unnecessary, but also point out to guests when sending out invitations and in further communication during the day that they will, unfortunately, have to stay at home if there are complaints such as colds and coughs, and that if there is a fever and shortness of breath. Bonus tip: perhaps a quick test can provide a solution so that your other guests can still be at your wedding.

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4) Wedding Planner/Stylist

Especially in this situation, it can be great to use a professional wedding planner and/or stylist. The rules can change so much, and what is the rule today may be completely different next week. This has happened quite a few times over the past year. With the help of a wedding planner, you can ensure that you can quickly get rid of a lot of stress about rules and adjustments. The wedding planner can also be the master of ceremonies on the day itself, so none of the guests have to be in charge. This is especially nice now that the wedding planner is experienced.

5) Livestream

As not all of the guests you want may attend the ceremony, they can watch the ceremony and part of the day live. Let a professional company with experience provide the live stream, so you can be sure it will go well.

6) Party 

Unfortunately, the possibilities for a party are minimal at the moment. Do you want a big party where everyone can dance a lot? Then there’s nothing to do but postpone it (but who knows; maybe you can still do it this year!).

You can choose to have a spring party outside, with a bonfire, live music, and fun. Please note that you will need to consider the maximum number of people and the environment, with the music often having to be turned off for a while. In this case, of course, you can still look at the options for a silent disco outdoors.

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Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!

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